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  1. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this company. Their Amazon reviews look alright but their trustpilot reviews are shocking.
  2. Yeah man that was for the GPU when it arrives. Worked it out now tho, had the front Io power switch on the wrong pins.
  3. Hey everyone, Slight issue here. Just built my pc, specs listed below: Motherboard- Asus z390-f RAM- 2 8GB sticks of trident z CPU - I7 9700K Power supply - Corsair 750x Case- phanteks ethoo pro M tempered glass Went to power on my system and only the RGB on the motherboard lights up, there's no fan spin on anything, the LEDs on the mobo don't light up either (which I think is a good thing?). Ethernet port is lit up for some reason. I really don't know what's wrong, help would be majorly appreciated. Probably made a noob mistake or something. Cheers