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  1. I would put your OS & your most used games / applications on the MP510.
  2. It could be your motherboard i guess, i would recommend sending the card back to the supplier again though
  3. I would do this but I am a bit sceptical about the recess for the middle fan, will this affect the anti sag bracket or will it be fine?
  4. So, I recently purchased an Aorus Xtreme 1080 ti and it seems to be sagging a bit. What anti sag brackets would you recommend for this card and why?
  5. what would you recommend on memory?
  6. i would recommend buying more RAM or RMaing your motherboard since that could be the problem
  7. what games are you trying to play?
  8. Hello, I currently have an inno3d 980 herculez model and I want to overclock it. Does anyone have any settings that they could recommend?