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  1. Spam bot, ignore all DMs/Posts from this user. 

  2. I would try a fresh install of the OS and if that doesn't solve the issue, either use a PCIE NIC, or buy a new motherboard.
  3. Is there any damage to the motherboard? Any of the metal tabs from the IO Shield stuck in ports? Are all the standoffs installed correctly, with the motherboard seated correctly? Does it work with a PCIE NIC/Wireless card?
  4. I'd tried that. It's more like the incorrect refresh rate was being used. I've got a new PSU plugged in, and so far it seems to have fixed the issue. Very interesting, but glad I made the topic as I didn't make the connection between dirty power and analogue display. I'll mark it as solved for now, thanks for the fresh eyes! EDIT: This SORT OF solved my issue. The short version is, my PSU was fine, it was the power bar I had it plugged into that was bad. When I tried a new PSU, I plugged it into a different power bar to test; and it seemed fine. So when I redid the bench with the new PSU, I was confused to see that the issue had returned. Then it clicked; two different power bars. It's now several hours later, I've gotten no work done, and the entire bench has been ripped apart and put back together with all new power bars, network switches, and a few new USB hubs. I'm sure they're going to love seeing 3 hours of overtime and $200 in write offs tomorrow, but at least my monitor doesn't flicker anymore haha.
  5. Forgot to mention that I've tried a different cable. I haven't tried a new power supply though, that is a very valid point. BRB, giving this a shot.
  6. On my VGA display, I see this scrolling line affect. I'm out of ideas at this point; I've tried everything I can think of. This scrolling happens when a display is connected to this machine by VGA. I have tried different displays, different cables, and I've even installed a GPU with VGA to eliminate the motherboard. It happens when plugged into the VGA on either the onboard connector, or an external GPU. I've tried windows 10, and windows 8.1 It does not happen when plugged into another type of connector like HDMI or DVI. BIOS is up to date, windows and driver are up to date. I'm leaning towards motherboard or cpu failure, but even that doesn't make much sense; since an external GPU does the same thing. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks,
  7. TDP_Equinox

    Windows 10 sound

    I highly recommend using EarTrumpet over the stock volume mixer. Ever since ten was launched, I've had nothing but problems with it from not remembering my app volumes, to randomly turning apps down on me. https://microsoft.com/en-us/p/eartrumpet/9nblggh516xp?activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab
  8. The issue is with their extension, not the website. I don't believe it to be malicious. If the intent was to mine crypto off customers machines, there are much easier ways to do it. I do, however, think that there may be an error in the extension causing the high system usage.
  9. Revisiting this; I've re installed Honey on 3 machines now. One my main machine; Notices high CPU usage from chrome immediately after installing honey. Removing Honey resolves this. In Chrome task manager, Honey process uses a significant amount of CPU. (GPU Usage in screenshot not related to Honey - Youtube). Malwarebytes no longer flags crypto - first flag was actually for my eth miner, but not it's location. Two, my work machine; Notices high CPU usage from chrome immediately after installing - new chrome profile with different extensions. Removing Honey resolves this. Same usage in chrome task manager. Three, my server; Notices high CPU usage from chrome immediately after installing - Brand new chrome install, no extensions. Removing Honey resolves this. Same usage in chrome task manager. All machines notice slowdowns in Youtube playback when above 1X playback speed with Honey installed, but not when it's removed. Main machine - 4790K Work machine - 4770K Server - 3770k. 16GB + on all. This no longer seems like a malware issue, and more like a bug; issue still very much present however.
  10. Yes; however depending on what affects you're putting on the clips, the 1050 ti might be suuuper slow about it. Also, depending on the software. Vegas, for example, doesn't play very well with CUDA. Premiere on the other hand uses about 80% of the GPU in my testing.
  11. I wonder where you got that 8120..
  12. I bought 3 other "Gaming/Office" style chairs in the $300-350 range, and returned them all. I bought a Maxnomic Office Comfort chair and haven't looked back. They're simply superior to the other options in the same price range.
  13. If it was installed without mounting, that would likely be it. Windows 10 has a built in iso mounting tool. Just double click on the iso to mount it and it pretends to be a drive; works fairly well even with older software. If that doesn't work, the iso may be broken or there may be some patch you need to install to get it to work on windows 10.
  14. What version of windows? Is the file legit? Is the ISO mounted? Did you install from the mounted ISO, or extract it and install from the folder?
  15. I have 100% faith that LTT looks into their sponsors; and I have no doubt that it passed their vetting process at the time. Just wanted to point this out for obvious reasons.
  16. During the WAN show this week there was a new sponsor, Honey (https://www.joinhoney.com/linus). I figured I'd give it a shot and installed it. That night, malwarebytes popped up saying that it quarantined a cryptominer. I thought this was my etherium miner folder and promptly ignored it. The next day (today) I noticed that youtube was choppy at 1.5x speed. I checked task manager, and chrome was using 50% of my 4790K. I restarted, same thing. Malwarebytes again popped up warning me of a cryptominer. So I removed the Honey Extension and usage went back down to 0% immediately. Re install Honey; usage back to 50% and malwarebytes freaks out right away.. Perhaps LTT should look into this sponsor and consider dropping them. You guys are generally pretty good at making sure your sponsors are reputable, and I can understand that things get missed; but I hope that someone sees this ( @nicklmg ) and looks into it. Addition: Installed at 10:30 PM, malwarebytes didn't react until 3AM and symptoms were not noticed until around the same time. The second install, however, spikes CPU usage immediately. Malwarebytes scan results: Addition 2: It appears the site no longer affects GPU usage, and installing the extension no longer gets flagged as a crypto miner/affects CPU usage from what I can see. There doesn't appear to be any statement from Honey, so I can only assume that they dealt with the issue quietly and hoped no one noticed. I won't continue using the extension, but it may be relatively safe now.
  17. I've got an old school question here... I've got a 16 bit ISA memory expansion, and my machine only has 8 bit ISA slots. Can I cut the end of the slot to allow the new card to physically fit and expect it to work; like you (mostly) can with PCIE?
  18. You've got that very, very backwards. Defender is fine, Avast is garbage. First step would be to install seatools and test your hard drive to see if it's failing.
  19. https://www.amazon.ca/SODIAL-Express-Extender-Adapter-Litecoin/dp/B00OPO4K8K I have a similar USB riser like this and can confirm that it works. You would have to find a way to mount the board to something, but it should work for what you need.
  20. I do believe I was the only person to provide actual help.
  21. Actually read my post please, it explains why fresh installing may not even fix the issue.
  22. Clean installing should be the last resort, not the first. It may not even fix the problem, because chrome and most other browsers sync your settings and extensions with a sign-in. You could reset your pc, getting rid of everything, and then sign into chrome and have it all back again. If malwarebytes and everything else didn't find it, chances are it's a chrome extension. You know what syncs across installations with a chrome sign in? Extensions. If it's a chrome extension causing redirects, and he resets his computer, what's the first thing he'll do? Download and sign into chrome, syncing his extensions and ending up no better off, but missing all his programs. It's this kind of lazy attempt at a response that made me stop publicly helping people on forums, because some jackass will come in and tell me that the thing I've been doing daily for 5+ years can't be done, and everyone will believe him. Resetting a computer should be the absolute last resort; if nothing else can fix it, reset it.
  23. That's not very helpful Run Hitman Pro, Adware Removal tool, and malwarebytes deep scan/ae. If that doesn't help, it could be a browser extension. Reset your browser, and if all else fails, do a windows refresh.