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    Midwest, USA
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    PC Gaming, Home and Car Audio
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    "Happily" married father of two kids.
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    i5 4690k
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    Asus Z97-A
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    Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600
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    GTX 970 G1 Gaming Windforce
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    Corsair 300R
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    Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB
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    EVGA Supernova NEX 650 80+ Gold
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    Asus VG248QE
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    Razer Cynosa
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    Razer DeathAdder Elite
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    Cheapo Speakers, Sennheiser HD 598
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    Windows 10 Home 64bit
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  1. Yeah I got this 128 on sale for 12.99 minus a $5 coupon it came out to 7.99 for 128GB. Didn't even consider that it would be an issue formatting it when I bought it. I don't have access to Linux.
  2. I have a 128 gb flash drive that I'd like to format to FAT32. Its currently exFAT. Windows 10 only offers exFAT and NTFS as formatting options. I've seen some various programs that claim to do this but I hesitate to download software unless I'm positive its safe. I need FAT32 for a mobo BIOS update.
  3. How would I go about this with 3 fans on one controller? I have to set them identical, they are also proprietary so I cant bypass the controller. I could switch the top exhaust to an intake, either on top or on the side panel. I would like to avoid putting a fan on the side panel tho as it would make removing it awkward. Assuming I made the top an intake would the heat simply blow out the back exhaust and side panel? Its extremely open on the side. Maybe that would even help push dust out? This would make it 3 intakes 1 exhaust..
  4. The tower sits directly to my right but at an angle so the front is facing me. The fans in the front have RGB so I have it that way so I can see them. That also points the open side towards the monitor/back wall a bit to help me not hear it as much. It isn't crazy loud but I wouldn't mind it being a bit quieter. I'd put it on the floor but I have carpet and a heat vent that's very close to my desk.
  5. Motherboard doesn't offer GPU Sensor as an option so I can't do that. I've considered the magnetic dust filters but I'm also wondering about putting something that would block noise? The opening on the side is big enough it lets a lot of sound thru. I know lots of cases don't have vents on the sides so I was considering a bit of sound dampening material or something..
  6. Working on a fan curve and a little confused about which sensors to assign to which fans. I have 2 front intake fans, 1 rear exhaust and 1 top exhaust. I have the cooler master 212 on the CPU. My current setup I have the 212 and the rear exhaust running off the CPU sensor. The other 3 fans are connected to a controller and that is running off the VRM MOS sensor. All my temps are fine but I noticed in HWiNFO that the VRM temp doesn't move much from min-max, none of the sensors do other than CPU and GPU. Although I don't see an option for System 1 and System 2 temps in HWiNFO so I've no idea what those are doing. So question is do I keep the controller fan (top exhaust, front intakes) on the VRM MOS sensor? If not then which sensor should I run them off? Also how can I see the temps of the System 1 and 2 sensors? They show up in BIOS but I don't know how to see them within HWiNFO. My Case HWiNFO temps after an hour of Borderlands 3 Thanks Side question that's related to cooling, I have an old Corsair Carbide 300R. The cutouts for the two side panel 120mm fans aren't being used and I'm wondering if I could cover those with something? I'm sure it lets dust in and it certainly makes things more audible. How much would covering them affect cooling?
  7. Yes, depending on the brand it might have a different name. On my Gigabyte board its "Smart Fan 5" either way you can go in and set a manual fan curve. Although I'm not sure if that will entirely prevent that initial rev up. Someone more knowledgeable than me might correct me but I think the fans start up high until whatever settings you have can "load". For instance when I'm in BIOS my fans are quite loud but as soon as I load windows they calm down.
  8. Lots of insight and good information, thank you for taking the time to share it.
  9. Yeah I'm thinking that board and that ram which seems very well reviewed and popular are keepers. I'd considered switching the CPU out for the Ryzen 7 3700x but looking at benchmarks its not really significantly better when it comes to FPS in games.
  10. My understanding is by having extra power I'd be running at a lower load. So less fan noise and better efficiency. Seems like 50% is the sweet spot. Keeping in mind I'll be upgrading the GPU to something more power hungry I thought stepping up to something in the 7-800 range would put me at or under 50%. That and I've read horror stories about PSUs failing and killing other parts.
  11. I do have a 250gb ssd for boot drive. Based on actual sold listings on EBAY my GPU would go for around 70-90. Add that to the 175 and I have 255 for a new GPU. Would that be enough for a worthwhile upgrade from my current gtx 970? I did plan on upgrading GPU in a few months. At that point I'll have a bigger budget say 400 ish. Maybe I should just buy a new beefier PSU for now then and get the GPU in a few months. Rather then get a lesser GPU now that is...
  12. I'll try to keep this simple. I upgraded mobo/cpu/ram recently. I sold my old stuff quicker than I thought. Now I have an extra $175 to put into my PC. I'm within my return window for Amazon. I could return any or all of the new parts and add the value to the $175 I got from the old parts. This would enable me to get better components. Alternatively I could just use the money to replace my old PSU. The original parts from my 2015 build that I still have are: Corsair Carbide 300R Case -- EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650 80+ Gold -- Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 4 GB - Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200RPM New returnable parts are: Ryzen 5 3600 @ $194 -- X570 Aorus Elite @ $136 (open box Item) -- TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Pro DDR4 16GB KIT (2 x 8GB) 3200MHz CL 14 @ $119 So total if I returned all of it is $449 + $175 = $624 Opinions?
  13. I liked the low profile look but the fan was just too loud. Of course my tower sits right next to me on my desk and has a large vent on the side facing me so it needs to be extra quiet. Lots of people have had good luck with the AMD coolers. They are certainly better than Intels stock cooler offerings from what I've read.
  14. Alright so I ran out to Best Buy and bought a Cooler Master 212 Black edition for $36 (price matched Amazon). Just got it all hooked up and ran Cinebench again to see what changed if anything. Happy to say its a night and day difference. My max temp with stock cooler was 86c and now it maxes at 68c. I ran it twice and it topped at 68c both times. It also dropped back down to 33-38c within a minute of the test ending. The noise difference is shocking, right off the bat it was much quieter and even during the test wasn't nearly as annoying as the stock cooler. Not sure if it was the stock thermal paste or cooler to blame for the temps but either way I'm relieved to have it fixed.
  15. Ran Cinebench just to see what the temps would do, stopped it at 86. This thing is running hot as hell.