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  1. just sold cpu with mobo. My gpu is GTX 1080ti and plan to upgrade to next gen high end gpu after rtx 2080ti
  2. thanks for the answer, my monitor is 144hz/1440p gsync. My current ram is : Ballistix DDR4 32GB 3000MHz CL15
  3. Hello, in terms of future-proofness what is better choice for 1440p 144Hz gaming ? Ryzen 3700x or i9 9900K ? I would prefer ryzen because of the price. But i9 9900K is little better when in comes to gaming already, would´t the gap between the two be even bigger when more powerful gpus than rtx 2080ti come out ? THX
  4. thanks i guess i will go with 2700x then My case is Fractal Design Nano S. Gpu i am still choosing what do you think makes the most sense in terms of video editing. I will buy something second hand. I was thinking maybe GTX 1060 6gb ? My ram is : crucial 32gb 3000mhz ballistix sport lt gray cl15 (2x16gb)
  5. Hello, what gpu makes the most sense in terms of 4k video editing in adobe premiere ? I was thinking GTX 1060 6gb ? Or should i go higher ? Most likely i would buy something second hand. THX
  6. Hello, should i go for ryzen 2700x or 3700x for photo editing and also 4k video editing in adobe premiere ? 2700x is 180 dollars cheaper than 3700x in my country. thanks for advice
  7. Hello, i just moved my system from mini itx Fractal Design Nano S to atx Meshify C and my cpu (9900K) max temps are about 7 C worse than in nano S. I did expect quite opposite... why is that ? In nano S i had two 140mm fractal fans in front as intake and in Meshify C i have 2x 140mm front intake and 1x top 140mm exhaust all of them be quiet shadow wings. Cpu cooler is dark rock pro 4. Meshify C is picture n.1 and Nano S is n.2 Thank you.
  8. Hello, i would like to bechmark my gpu 2070 super with one pc with i5 8600 and the other pc with i9 9900K. Just to see if there is bottleneck and if difference is worth it to me. What benchmark software should i use ? thank you (also i5 pc has slower ram, how big impact could that cause ? Just that I take it into consideration - its hard to remove ram from other i9 build therefore i would prefer it this way. Thanks
  9. Hello, i am about to change from mini itx case to Atx Meshify C. CPU is i9 9900k. My question is should i change motherboard? Right now i have ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-I (which probably isnt anything special for i9) and I might possibly upgrade to Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO. Do you think its worth it ? I dont neccesary need to OC my cpu. I could possibly sell my asus mobo for the half price of aorus pro. I am not sure if i9 9900k isnt too much torture for my mini itx board. THX
  10. My case is: Fractal Design Nano S. Cooling Noctua DH-15. Idle i9 temperatures are arround 32C. One hour gaming max temp 69 C ( but most of the time is curve arround 58). Aida64 average 72 max 88 (11mins test). GPU is Asus Turbo rtx 2070 super, gaming stable 84C. I also feel sort of limited in choice of gpu, because eventhough my psu is sfx there is not that much space
  11. Hello, are there any downsides of having mini itx board in ATX case ? I have mini itx i9 build and would prefer to move it in bigger case for better temperatures. Thank you
  12. Hello, i am bulding a new pc and unfortunately one screw fell underneath cpu cooler. My question is : Is it necessary to re-apply a new thermal paste if i have to remove cpu cooler for a few seconds? Or can i just put cooler back ? Thanks
  13. ok so do you think its worth going for i9 9900K or something below ?
  14. Hello, what cpu would be the best choice for me performance/ cost wise. I am photographer using Phase One Capture One and Adobe Photoshop. Next year i would also like to work with wedding video in Adobe Premiere (not sure if i get time for that). I know new ryzens are priced nicely but also heard that adobe is better with intel. What should i choose ? Also if you could advise me gpu for this usage. I guess second hand 1060 6gb should do ? THX. I do not play games. I will build a new pc from from scratch. thx