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  1. ah cool, thank for the information
  2. Hello, are out there some real RTX 3090 benchmarks ? All I have found are benchmarks based on some "real" rtx 3090 leak where it sits about 10% above rtx 3080. Or is the card still under NDA ? Thanks
  3. Hello, what ram speed should I go for gaming on 3840x1600 160hz screen ? I was thinking 3200mhz cl 16 or is it worth going 3600 cl 16 or 3600 cl 14 ? My current cpu is ryzen 3600 I am going to upgrade with next gen and gpu is RTX 3080. Thank you
  4. Hello. I am about to buy 64gb of ram ( video edit + gaming) . My concern is that ram sticks are "dual channel" does it matter somehow in terms of perfomance when I use 4 sticks ? ram: https://www.amazon.com/TEAMGROUP-T-Force-Vulcan-3200MHz-Desktop/dp/B07WLCWQV5?th=1
  5. Hello, I am about to buy RTX 3090 for gaming/photo editing on 3840 x 1600 160hz monitor. Do you think ryzen 3600 is good enough or should I upgrade ? I guess at that resolution CPU wouldnt do much in terms of fps ? Thanks.
  6. Hello guys, does any of you edit photos on curved ultrawide ? I do consider 38" ips LG 38GN950 3840 x 1600 160hz curved ultrawide. I believe curve on such a big screen may not be that visible and therefor it shouldnt be a problem ? Why do I consider this screen -> I am also gamer beside being wedding photographer and I would like to replace my 4K 27" and 1440p 144hz 27" combo, coz I like ultrawide and I would much prefer to have just a one screen. I know curved display would be a problem for architecture photographer but do you think it would be ok for wedding photography and editing portrait no architecture etc ? Thanks
  7. yeah sure I am buying new screen anyway
  8. Hello. What do you think is better choice purely for gaming purpose ( I have other ips screen for editing) between the two : LG 32GK650F or GIGABYTE G32QC ? Gigabyte advantage is 165 hz. LG advantage is price its 90euro less and its flat screen which I personally prefer ( but it could be disadvantage in terms of VA view angles). I would use the screen until some 32" 4k 144hz ips is out which would replace both my editing and gaming screen. GPU is going to be rtx 3080. Thank you
  9. Hello, I bought a new wireless mouse - Corsair Ironclaw. Unfortunately pc and iCue stopped detecting it. Also there is no classic windows sound after connecting USB dongle ( tried multiple ports). Mouse works without issues on my other pc. I believe reinstalling mouse driver would help. The problem is I cannot find this mouse in device manager, how do i find it ? I tried unistall everything in mouse folder - didnt help. I also checked all other folders but nowhere is anything with corsair. Thanks
  10. Hello i do consider buying oled TV and use it as a pc monitor. Have any of you tried it ? Does it behave as regular monitor in terms of reponse ? If pricing of ampere gpu´s is true I most likely switch to ps5 for gaming and use my pc just for photo editing ( i am wedding photographer). I also need a new screen anyway. Oled i would like to buy is LG OLED48CX 4K 120hz freesync/gsync.. 48" should be okay as I would be seated about 120cm away. Also console gaming is generally slower so no problems there most likely. I would use colorimeter to calibrate the screen for photo editing. I read some articles about burn-in and it should not be the problem any longer with new processors and stuff in new oled tv´s. My only concern is reposivness when used with pc. This paricular oled should be 11.1 ms input lag and 1,7 ms response time. Thanks
  11. Hello, I wonder -> is ppi of 34" ultrawide with resolution of 5120 x 2160 higher than 27 " 4k ( 3840 x 2160) monitor ? As 34" Ultrawide 5120 x 2160 is marketed as 5K ? But i guess PPI is exactly the same ? Thanks https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1503260-REG/msi_prestige_ps341wu_34_21_9.html
  12. Hello, as I started to edit 4k video as well and therefore I am about to build a completely new pc. My usage is 45% gaming 45% photo editing ( I am wedding photographer) and 10% 4k video editing (using premiere,resovle,after effects). I am not sure if I should go with i9 10900 ( second hand but new) now or wait for ryzen 4000. What is your opinion ? I going to buy high end Ampere gpu when released. Now I have Vega 56 with 64 bios. Thanks
  13. Hello, i am trying to choose a new soundbar for my TV Philips 70PUS7304- I am choosing between: 1.) Sony HT-S350 (2.1. - 320W) - 198 € 2.) sony htrt3 ( 5.1. but it has active fan in subwoofer, not sure how loud) - 205 € 3.) samsung HW-R650 (3.1. 340 W) - 227 € 4.) LG SL5Y ( 2.1. 400w) - 183 € 4.) Soundbar JBL Bar 2.1 ( 300w) - 275 € SONY and JBL have the benefit for me coz i can buy them today, the rest after the holiday. I know there better options than soundbar but i would like one due to the free space arround tv is limited. Is there one i should buy or are they arround the same ? thank you
  14. Hello, would using 5 metres long usb 2.0 extension cable cause some noticeable lag when using with mouse and keyboard while gaming ? Thank you
  15. thanks. Not sure if it is certified it is this cable : https://www.secomp-international.com/en_US/value-displayport-active-cable-v1-2-active-m-m-15-m/i/14.99.3495-2