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  1. Another thing I just remembered I have a Google pixel 3 and for a phone camera it's known for its quality so is it a good starting point just wondering?
  2. 1660super can't be beaten it's really good for 1440 aswell and you'll be able to easily get 144 for 1080 currently for a okay vrms and capacitors lay out with a decent pcb it goes for 230ish
  3. Are you going to heavy game on it because there a wide space for a bottle neck if you pair it with a really good recent GPU
  4. Hello so im planning to get into cinematography but I'm a total noob and I almost know nothing so is there any camera you can recommend I'm planning on getting into it in the next year or so after I get some knowledge about the topic so any camera that is nice compact and capable for a noob like me also is there any releases for the next year or so that could be a good deal?
  5. It could be your vrms or capacitors so. For you own safety don't use it now
  6. If the pcb isnt fried how would he know otherwise?
  7. You could have difficulties I'm over clocking and it could be not as stable with an xmp profile but if they both have the same CL latency it should be fine with normal work loads
  8. Does the GPU has a backplate if yes can you remove that and check the pcb
  9. I'm not saying it's trash you'll still get alot out Pascal even in 2020 I just recommend getting more than one opinion when doing a rather sizable investment
  10. I'm sorry but an i5 750 or 7500 but if it's kabylake(7500) an rx570 used can go for around 80 bucks decent 1080p 120hz card
  11. Mining cards can still work properly if was used in a good condition providing reliable power to it but you could have gotten a 1660 supper for 230 rivals the 1070 interms of gaming performance and has was higher vram bandwidth with it's gddr6 vram