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  1. sounds like RAM problems. Did you make sure your sticks were on your MOBOS XMP list? unstable ram sticks might be the issue. even if they are running at a lower MHz than rated. You might just have dies in your RAM sticks that dont go well with your MOBO.
  2. My 60hz monitor used to overclock to 75hz with CRU and run fine. Today I randomly decided to check my display settings and I must've been back at 60hz ever since I updated my graphics drivers after DDU'ing them. I tried changing my refresh rate with a custom resolution on CRU but it wouldnt show up in my display settings.. weird. Then I tried changing my refresh rate in my AMD Radeon Settings and it worked, but I could only get to 66hz. After some research, someone recommended I patch my AMD Pixel clock here. I did that, and finally 75hz does show up in my display settings, and now I can save a custom resolution with 75hz in my AMD Radeon Settings, and I can achieve 69hz with AMD Radeon Settings with virtual super resolution and gpu scaling off, but when I try changing to 75hz in my display settings my monitor gives me an Out Of Range error.. with or without either VSR and gpu scaling on or both. The obvious answer is to rollback my GPU drivers until I find a version that works, but I'd rather check if anyone has any other solutions first.. I was running 75hz fine for months and I know this monitor is a bit old and overclocking a monitors refresh rate shortens its lifespan, but I'm not ready to chalk it up to technological deterioration just yet, I really have a feeling 75hz might still be possible. So far I've patched my AMD Pixel Clock, made sure to use Automatic - LCD Standard Timing on CRU, and made sure to turn on GPU scaling and virtual super resolution on AMD Radeon Settings, does anyone else have any ideas? Asus VX238 Can any of the great people of LTT help?