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  1. Could save even more by dropping the hdd and going with a 1TB ssd. and if you bought the ram recently and are in the return period, I'd return it and go for a 2x8GB kit. They are cheaper and ryzen likes 2 sticks better than 4.
  2. have you tried just the xmp profie or have you tried the timings from ryzen master? I had the same problem, because I was using xmp with the dram voltage on auto. you can try manually changing it to 1.35 or 1.4 and see if it works. you could also try setting the frequency to 2933 and see if that works as it's the "officially supported" freq for gen 2.
  3. download msi afterburner and with decent case cooling you can get it to boost to 2050 - 2100 MHz.
  4. it will work out of the box. the cooler you picked isn't any better than the ryzen one included. go for a bigger ssd, 120gb is too small even for boot drive. maybe try to find the super variant of the 2060, or go for the rx 5700 instead.
  5. depends on your use case. 90% of the users don't use more than 12GB of RAM, but would definitely feel the speed difference from 2666 to 3600.
  6. Is the RAM overclocked manually or through xmp? Sometimes the motherboard/cpu doesn't like the xmp profile (optimised for intel). Try to manually increase the dram voltage, or reduce the frequency to 2933 (officially supported) and see if this still happens.
  7. for an 1070, you could expect to sell it for about £185 on ebay, or on cex: WeBuy for cash £133.00 WeBuy for voucher £161.00
  8. try to just take it out, wait a minute and put it back in for now. CMOS batteries shouldn't need replacing, but resetting the BIOS like this sometimes helps. also try to have one stick of RAM at a time, to see if one of them is bad.
  9. cex uk accept trade-ins. quite bad prices for cash, but better prices for vouchers if you want to buy stuff from them.
  10. did you connect the monitor to the video card or to the motherboard? it should be connected to the video card. did you connect the psu to the video card?
  11. Looks great, wouldn't change anything. Your case seems very expensive, but if that's what you like, go for it.
  12. https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix#Encoder you might even get away with a second hand 1060 if tight for money
  13. second hand vega 56 for £200 on ebay