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  1. The MSI GS65 design and support has the same problems as the razer blade you where complaining about. One of the many problems with the MSI GS lineup is that they use a power jack wich only support half the amp that the laptop uses which results in the power jack getting fried. MSI will have you replace the hole motherboard to fix this even if it can be done by replacing the power jack for 60-70 USD, including both parts and work at a local repair shop. This is also true for many other MSI laptop models as well, as well as other brands. My point was not to make the complaints about razer invalid. I only want to make people aware that alot of the complaints can be said to other manufacturers as well. There have been a trend lately to complain about razer, which in the long run is good for their development, but there must be a reason a lot of reviewers use their laptops as their daily drivers.
  2. I fully agree that Razer build quality and support is crap compared to its high price, but it´s also good to compare with other branded thin and powerfull laptops with good astetics. I dont´t want to discredit TWR Electronics or Louis Rossmann as they are doing amazing work, but if you are known for repairing Razer blades or Macbooks then you are going to find alot of faults in these laptops. I´ve seen alot of people recommend the MSI GS65 or Dell XPS 15 for example instead of the Razer blade. These laptops have alot of issues aswell which haven't been fixed in years. If you think you can travel and game for years on these laptop without a hassle then your going to be dissapointed. People need to understand that thin and light gaming laptops are not made to last for long. They are made to look nice and have high end specs so people want to buy them. If you want performance and reliability then you need to sacrifice some of the thin and good astetics. If you buy these laptops for GAMING then you should buy them from a local retailer so you can test the laptop for all common defects and return it if needed in the first 2 weeks (EU law). You should also prepare to replace the laptop in 2-3 years as it probably will be falling apart. This is not the case If you only do work with some light gaming from time to time and dont travel alot with the laptop.