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  • CPU
    AMD 3900x
  • Motherboard
    MSI x570 MEg Ace
  • RAM
    2x8 Gskill Trident Z 3733 cas 15
  • GPU
    Asus Strix RTX2080 OC
  • Case
    Evolv X
  • Storage
    1x 960 evo 256GB 2x 850 evo 256GB
  • PSU
    Seasonic Prime 850W titanium
  • Display(s)
    Asus MG279Q
  • Cooling
    Alphacool costum loop UT60 Rad + vpp775 pump
  • Keyboard
    Asus Rog Claymore
  • Mouse
    Roccat Kone Emp
  • Sound
    Logitech z906
  • Operating System
  1. In Portugal you have 4G modens with 100Mbits/100Mbits connection....if you can get one of these you will be ok(make sure you are near the main ISP antenas otherwise it is a full on mega suky suky service) but all services are suky suky compared to cable!
  2. what?....i am not discussing the capabilities of the cable...the 3.5mm cable has 3 wires that connect to all speakers...and 3 wires that connect to a mobo with 3 slots for them(left/right/center sub) it has been like this since sound exists.........the limitation is on the soundcard....either she lets you play everything on all speakers or the "channels" are all separated and the will only play on the speakers corresponded to the audio signal....now...there are soundcards that "emulate" the 2.1 on a 5.1 digitaly and there are soundcards that do both...and soundcards that do this physicly because the channels are all connected inside the card......what i whant to know is what cards for PC do this so i can have all my speakers working at the same time.
  3. no. i am using the normal 3.5 jacks. but i dont care if i need to buy a optical cable....just tell me what to do in order to have my 5.1 working no matter the type of audio signal.
  4. Hey guys, I recently purchased a set of Logitech z906 5.1 speakers but my mobo doesnt let me plug in all the speakers + i will have the same probleme has i had before when playing 2.1 audio, half the speaker set will stay silent. Can anyone recomend an external sound card that can plug in all 5.1 sound system and play sound on all speakers no matter the type of audio signal?
  5. hello thanks for the suggestions! The thickness is only 85(60+25), 110 is for push pull config. We only need a case that can fit 85mm on the bottom(60mm+25mm) and 140mm fans in front as intake.
  6. that would be AWSOME!!!!!! i am only dependent on a test like that wich i dont find anywhere on the internet!
  7. the enthoo 719 cant fit 60mm rads only on the front!... i red the brochure...and the clearance is only for a max 40mm on top! bottom is 240mm not 280...and front...well front is the entire probleme i have!
  8. so guys please...lets just stay on topic.... I need a case that can fit my setup.... wich is a vpp775pump with a 250mm reservoir + a 60mmx280rad....and still manage to get decent airflow inside the case...... We have the Lian Li XL model wich is preatty cool and beutifull.....anymore ideias?? i would like a case of the quality of my phantek evolv X! all aluminium super premium mega case! I am not fitting my 3900x OCed 4.6/4.5/4.4/4.3 per ccx +MSI Meg Ace + 16GB of cas 14 3733ghz ram+ RTX2080 oced to 2145ghz clock on some plastic discount case! ??? fucking hate plastic!
  9. i whant a rad this size becouse i like to OC to the extreme of what i have. Right now i am first on firestrike for my build and i would like to keep it that way. smaller rads dont give as much cooling punch....so my overall performance would decay if i need to take it lightly on my system....and my system doesnt like to take things lightly! so yes...i whant a giant radiator and i will possibly put some other 2 3k rpms fans doing push pull config....but i need space wich evolv X doesnt have for radiators this big...
  10. Static pressure is “sucking ability” - That is what she said last night! ?? no seriously i already tested that....that is why i am saying i need to open the side cover to let air in with my current case. And since the rad is 60mm thick there is no other place to mount it. From the tests i made i need a case with 60mm bottom rad mount and front/side place to mount some fans for airflow because along with place to mount the reservoir/pump combo wich is a vpp775 with 250mm reservoir!: 1- my chipset burns bife if not airflowed 2- my gfx goes french fried temps if not airflowed also. so basicly i need to mount my GPU verticly so that the front or side fans can cool it along with the chipset and not get as much direct worm air from the bottom rad.... and place the rad on bottom or top to cool the CPU. Main prob of this is the 60mm thick rad.....on top it will be VERY hard to find a case that can fit the rad with the fans....on front either the case can mount bottom fans or it is useless becouse it almost completly cuts the airflow(i tested with 3k rpm fans) unless you have a full loop and therefore you dont need airflow. In my case i need both! a place to put the 60mmx280 rad with the fans inside the case...and a proper airflow!! I think this Lian Li Dynamic XL is a good option what do you think?
  11. the fans came with the WC kit i bought from alphacool, they have 1400Rpms. i have bought noctua industrial 3k rpm fans to mount on the system but after some testing if I dont have intank fans from the front the Evolv X is pretty much done for concerning airflow. So i need to switch my case. I was looking at that lian Li but the XL model, i think it is a good solution. i can mount the rad on bottom and the fans on the side! and i get the airflow plus the rad working fine!
  12. The rad is to thick for any measurable airflow to go trough it. even with the fans at max rpm.s if you put your hand in front of the rad there is almost NO airflow, so yes...my rad almost completly shuts down the airflow inside the case since there are no more intake fans. Replacing my case will fix this probleme but i want a similar grade of case to replace the Evolv X wich is a VERY good case with very good materials and looks really good.
  13. my gfx is air cooled so the distro is useless for me...and since the gfx is air cooled i need air inside the case and there is no way to put air inside the case with a 60 thick rad on front.
  14. Does not support bottom 280rad. Any more ideias? The fractal design seems nice.....does it have such good quality as the phantek? i dont want plastic cases...
  15. Hey guys, I am looking for a case to support my wc loop wich is to big for my Phantek Evolv X. I have a big reservoir with a 60x280mm rad and once i put it at front where i have space...all the air flow gets cut off and i have to open my case. I am looking for a case with 60x280 rad support on the side or bottom so i can have also decent mounting on the front to put fans to bring air inside the case. Any one has any ideias?