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  1. Hi, I'm looking to get a new monitor soon which will be used for photo editing/design type of work. Which would be the best out of these monitors? Also, are there any better monitors for under £400-500 out there? Thanks.
  2. Renzorex

    Best 4K??

    Hi, I'm planning to get this screen for gaming, but I would also like another for photo editing/watching movies, etc... I would like it to be 4k, preferably IPS and less than 32inches. My budget is £400-£500 but I could probably go up to £600. What would you recommend at this price point? Thanks.
  3. Okay thanks guys, what about mixing ram speeds? Aka could I get some 3000 and some 3200? If not, what if I got a mix of speeds but overclocked them all the to same speed, would this work?
  4. I currently have one stick of 8gb, 3000mhz ram (is ram speed measured in mhz?) and would like more as the single channel speeds are a big bottleneck. Could I get 2 sticks of 16gb and 1 stick of 8gb and pair those with my 8gb stick to make 48gb or would I be better just getting 3 more 8gb sticks to make 32gb? The ram would be Corsair Vengeance LPX. Another question, as long as the speeds are the same, must I stay with the same brand or can I mix brands? Thanks for any input.
  5. I think its a refurb. Its on Amazon marketplace.
  6. Ah I see, thanks for clearing this up.
  7. Oh I thought 2k was 1440p, whoops I'll edit it.
  8. Okay. I was researching crossfire and I don't think it seems like a good fit anyways, I'll probably just stick to one card.
  9. The 1080ti would be about £100 cheaper. Would you still recommend the 5700XT over it?
  10. So would you recommend the 1080ti over the 5700XT?
  11. Thanks, I'll take a look and reply if I need anymore info.
  12. Thanks for the reply. What cards would you recommend for each? (UK)
  13. Hi, I'm looking to get two side monitors to be placed on each side of my main monitor. I currently have two monitors which aren't the best. The main monitor I mentioned above will be bought a month after the two side monitors because it's going to be more expensive. The main monitor will be either 144 or 165hz, 1440p, and 1ms response time. It will be between 29 and 34inches, curved and ultrawide. I haven't decided on the exact model yet though, I'll need to wait to see how much I have in my budget. I would like 2 side monitors that are less than £300 each and have at least 60hz and at least 1080p but preferably 1440p. 1ms response time would be nice but I don't mind if its up to 5ms. Also I would like them to be 27inches or under (preferably 24inch but anything under 27 is good). Incase it's not clear, I'm looking for advice on the side monitors, not the main monitor. Thanks for any input