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  1. The best use of fiber is porn and they dont use google ads(I think)
  2. The purpose of video games may differ from one case to another; this is the same difference that we see between activities such as chess and playing the piano. Video games are not inherently (un)competitive but rather it depends on how the game is created that decides whether it is a sport(I said it, I didnt call it an esport but rather a sport, come at me bro) or an activity. In the end the developer is the decider of the point of that video game because video games, in their purist form, are nothing more than a medium for stuff.Edit: You are disagreeing with the people who decide what a sport is; you lose.
  3. Why the hell do you need a 41 mp on a smartphone?
  4. But do you get the 65+ old, dating, affair, asians, that weld swords and make your man area 5x bigger in two weeks?
  5. Do you get the dating service ones? Facebook makes using AdBlock a very legitimate thing.
  6. I am in favor of the D being a compact
  7. They focus so mich on looks and then get fugly ass audio capacitors.
  8. Have finally gotten to s2:e4 (SPOILER)and now I am sad that the dog died.

  9. I am in favor of not allowing the populace to starve, that is it.
  10. Weed and lsd. Nothing takes the edge off like a good trip. /s
  11. Capitalism utilizes one of the most inbreed instincts of humans, greed. The greed to want to better yourself forces you to have to better the world in the form of making something new, faster, cheaper, more reliable, etc. However, do not think I completely oppose socialism as I do believe that we should not let the poorest starve while the rich party.
  12. Have you not seen Sony's new policy for the ps4? Dont upgrade if you like not paying $55+ a year.
  13. Only for some games, unlike our console door mats which can only play online if they pay.
  14. Good bye *sniffle* friend *sniffle* you shall be missed.
  15. If you already have 10 Bugattis, 20 Ferraris, amd 16 Bentleys why would you buy a pos Mercedes? This is for the rich and fabulous.
  16. Murican is the language of the free! We blow up shit, get drunk, and force democracy on the Middle East-while funding terrorist groups! God bless 'Murica, and god damn the frogs, english, chinese, and any one who is not white, male, and has a beer gut! Especially brown people, they are terrorists! Edit: forgot a /sarcasm, and funding not finding And mu grandma says I am fluent in french
  17. murratri

    NZXT S340

    No, it should be the STD still but have it stand for Sexually Transmitted Disease.