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  1. I want to run the same setup as linus did in his 2015 deployment of his personal rig. Does anybody know a cheap solution which is similar to his? Btw: He used a thunderbolt cable and a thunderbolt hub to go from his server rack to his desk. It had mouse, keyboard and monitors coming right out of the hub. Link to the video: Any suggestions or help is appreciated
  2. Hi, im a total noob when it comes to storage on computers, i have only run raid 0 through my mobo on a gaming pc. Im planning on running a server with vm's using proxmox. I want to have a raid 1 config with 2 ssds for a bootdrive containing proxmox and the other operatingsystems. Im planning on having plex or a nas as one vm, but then i want to use raid 5 for the main storage. The server i am building is using a asus mobo with support for Asus Pike. Should i use that to configure both my raids or just a raid card? Sorry if my post was confusing ? Specs: Mobo: Asus Z8NA-D6 socket 1366 x58 Cpu(s): 2x x5675 xeon 3,06Ghz 6core 12thread RAM: 2x8gb 1333Mhz ecc (going to add more probably) Storage: Havent decided size of disks but prolly 2x240gb and 2-4x2TB hdd Psu: Corsair rm650x Case: standard rack mount