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  1. Hello guys I want to bye a new cpu for my desktop I bought a gtx 1060 3GB two years ago and now I can't buy new motherboard and ram for it so im stock with a gigabyte h97 gaming 3 motherboard and 8gb of ram Should I bye a new cpu for it? If yes what cpu (considering LGA1150 and h97 chip) I first wanted to bye a used i7-4790 but when I saw prices (some around 120$ and some around 40$) I thought that I should ask professionals first Thanks
  2. Hello guys I have 8GB of ram that supports xmp (2×2gb 2000mhz 1×4gb 1800mhz) and another 4 gb 1600mhz that doesn't support xmp An intel core i5-4460 and a gtx-1060 3gb And for motherboard a gigabyte h97 gaming 3 that doesn't support more than 1600mhz for ram (I know that combining 4460 with 1060 would end up with buttleneck but couldn't afford a new motherboard and a cpu and new memoris because of ddr4) So should I put 8gb with xmp or 12gb without xmp ? (and i have two 128gb ssd drives so page fileing shouldn't be so slow)