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    To keep up with my writing skills and vocabulary, I actually enjoy writing fan fiction. I'm also interested in drawing, and driving. Science Fiction, mystery, and romance are my favorite book genres to read. My main interest, of course, is being on the PC. <3.
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    I took a year hiatus off of school and now I'm back into the game. Working while going to school actually helps with time management.
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    i5 6300HQ
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    8GB DDR4 2133Mhz
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    128GB SSD, 1TB HDD
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    Corsair K70 LUX
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    Logitech g300
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    Hyper X Cloud Revolver
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. WhiteJaguar77

    What Annoyed You Today?

    A person working for InstaCart who didn't know how to use his iPhone to bring up the previous page for me to rescan his customer's club card. Seen others do it easily before. Held up my line. My day was going so smoothly.
  2. WhiteJaguar77

    Which movies brought you to tears?

    Marley and Me A Street Cat Named Bob
  3. WhiteJaguar77

    Anyone live in Disaster-Prone Area?

    I'm at risk for fires and earthquakes. I have no experience with preparing for an evacuation though. Mostly what happened was that for the fires we had to wear face masks. School was cancelled for like a week. It was the 2003 Cedar Fire.
  4. WhiteJaguar77

    My friend has a PC and is using a XBOX CONTROLLER!!!

    I use a controller for my racing games. And wished I had a wheel for the racing sims. Smh.
  5. WhiteJaguar77

    Titanfall? HTC's latest revenue results still paint a grim picture

    My first smartphone I picked back in 2011 was a HTC Incredible 2.
  6. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. If only this could actually spawn competition. I only have one ISP in my area and I use loopholes each year to keep my current low price for internet.
  8. I woke up to that email on my phone. Not a good start to my day.
  9. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    Being in the closet sucks. I can only be open about my feelings for someone of my same gender outside my house. Hoping to hang out with her again this weekend.. In other news, I'm hoping to get a new car by the end of this year. I'm the only one in the household without a new ride. Been saving up for a hefty down payment.
  10. WhiteJaguar77

    NCIX Data breach 2018

    And I was very close to buying something from them back in the day once.
  11. WhiteJaguar77

    [UPDATED] Newegg Breached by Magecart Card Skimmer

    Funny you should say that because uBlock blocked me from the redirect from clicking on the email links.
  12. WhiteJaguar77

    [UPDATED] Newegg Breached by Magecart Card Skimmer

    While I was reading this I literally got an email from PayPal saying "Confirm info to keep money in your Paypal balance."
  13. WhiteJaguar77

    What is Your Favorite Taco?

    Carne asada taco with cilantro.
  14. WhiteJaguar77


    Makes me want to rewatch the movie Contact (1997). Shortcuts though space would be nice.
  15. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    meep. I'm staring to be in love with a new person. Finally. meep.