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    i5 6300HQ
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    8GB DDR4 2133Mhz
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    128GB SSD, 1TB HDD
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    Corsair K70 LUX
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    To keep up with my writing skills and vocabulary, I actually enjoy writing fan fiction. I'm also interested in drawing, and driving. Science Fiction, mystery, and romance are my favorite book genres to read. My main interest, of course, is being on the PC. <3.
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    I took a year hiatus off of school and now I'm back into the game. Working while going to school actually helps with time management.
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  1. I'd be nervous getting an expensive AF phone. Afraid I might lose it. I see customers forget their phones at my work, and sure enough, most of them are flagships .
  2. LGBT community

    I steer clear of high heel shoes even though they help make you look taller. Don't want my feet angled like a Velociraptor's. Admittedly, they do look very nice when some girls wear them... I catch myself doing double takes.
  3. Burp cough hiccup sneeze yawn fart

    I can't burp.
  4. LGBT community

    I'm in better shape than I was a year ago. Lost 30 lb ish. A problem I'm facing now is snacking late at night after getting home from work. There's no one to help stop me.
  5. LGBT community

    It would be nice if I could dedicate time for the gym to get toned. Having a defined muscular look, especially on the arms, would make me feel more masculine. At one point I wanted to look like Ronda Rousey when she was in the spotlight. 🤗
  6. LGBT community

    Height would come in handy...Most of the time I wouldn't need to use a step ladder to reach for an item a customer wants.
  7. LGBT community

    I wish I was taller...when people meet me they think I'm 18 or 19... Maybe I'd look more my age if I actually wear makeup.
  8. LGBT community

    Or switch places. SoCal ain't that bad.
  9. LGBT community

    The love of my life didn't come to see me at work. She went back 500 miles north. T_T
  10. LGBT community

    I just about felt the pain when I read this. 😬
  11. LGBT community

    Sometimes it happens on accident. Last year, my boss happened to bring up the subject about computers and I asked if he built his own. He said yes and I asked what parts he had, etc. We added each other on Steam. I became friends with his friends from work too once they caught wind of my interests in tech, cars, and PC gaming.
  12. LGBT community

    I made a gay friend in a dance class during high school. He was really sweet and wished me luck and happiness before he moved to Oregon that same year. It took a traumatic experience for me to come out of my shell so I'm not that introverted anymore. Smh. My closest high school friends noticed this presently, commenting about it from time to time. Back then most of my friends were girls too.
  13. LGBT community

    I naturally make new friends with guys more easily than with girls. In my experience, girls are more over-dramatic. I had a friend who I used to hang out with a lot. She suddenly dropped contact with me for many months. Then she adds me on Instagram yesterday, apologizes, and asks if we could go out somewhere this weekend. I declined because I had schoolwork and studying to do. She apparently took that as a serious offence as she responded with "So I guess you don't want to hang out anymore." My automatic response was going to be "Oh, says the one who dropped contact for months without a word." Or "Look who's talking." But that would confirm my my belief of us girls being over-dramatic. So, I left the message unread because I only read the notification on my phone's notification bar. Will answer later, I guess. /end rant
  14. LGBT community

    I'm the same way. Oh, I still have funds in my Sephora gift card crying to be used... 🤗