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    I love to drive my new car that I worked hard for. As a car person, taking care of it is the cherished part. Dashcam-equipped because I live in California. My other top interest is being on the PC of course. <3
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    I took a year hiatus off of school and now I'm back into the game while working.
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    i5 6300HQ
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    8GB DDR4 2133Mhz
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    128GB SSD, 1TB HDD
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    Corsair K70 LUX
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    Logitech g300
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    Hyper X Cloud Revolver
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    When we were heading to her place after the movie she exclaimed how she couldn't wait to take her boots off. I asked if I could watch. She politely declined with a giggle. I tried.
  2. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    Got a movie date tomorrow but we going just as friends...I did ask her if we could sit in the very back row. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)..
  3. WhiteJaguar77

    This stupid snowstorm in the Midwest

    And I'm here in Cali complaining about 47F degree weather.
  4. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    I had a GBA device but I inherited my brother's DS and it was luckily backwards compatible.
  5. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    I still have my old Nintendo DS with my Kirby games. Think they were The Amazing Mirror and Nightmare in Dreamland.
  6. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    Christmas dinner. Oh my god, I ate too much. My favorite was either the prime rib or the homemade cranberry sauce. The homemade hot chocolate was delicious too.
  7. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    I haven't had it in forever. Tasted kind of like vanilla pudding I guess.
  8. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    Wondering which Brandy to use to spike my eggnog. Can't have eggnog by itself.
  9. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    For Christmas I'm going to have dinner at an extended family's house. I'm reluctant to drive that far because Santa is sending us scattered thunderstorms here on the 25th.
  10. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    Meeting up with someone I used to be in love with for a long time. I got her a late birthday present. An amethyst necklace since she loves the color purple. We will be making home-made sushi at her hotel. And some of you know my low ability to cook.
  11. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    I know it's an iffy route, but is there a way to disable it through the registry?
  12. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    I haven't. Looks interesting. I liked Last Hope on Netflix so I bet I'd like that too. In regards to futurist robot fighting stuff.
  13. WhiteJaguar77

    LGBT community

    I draw a lot of attention from guys because I'm interesting in gaming, cars, building computers... Yet I frequently get crushes on 'girly-girls...' Get called a dork by them plenty of times.
  14. Because right now I got a minimum-wage part time job while going to school. Proud of myself for not splurging and saving up though.
  15. The hand-me-down 2003 Civic I used was now handed down to my cousin. This is my new ride. 2018 Kia Forte. Drives smooth. Got myself a dash-cam for her, too.