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  1. I’d recommend getting micron rev e and over clocking it to 3466. That’s what I got on my 2600
  2. ASRock desk mini? Besides that you could run mitx. Though those mobos and cases are expensive
  3. Hey guys I could use some advice. I am looking for everyday use wireless gaming headset. I went to bestbuy to try some on today and found a lot of them to be bulky, which I did not like. I also am looking for good build quality, which makes the budget hard. I am currently deciding between the corsair virtuoso (not SE), steelseries arctis 7 wireless, and the logitech pro x wireless. The only one I wasn't able to try on was the arctis 7, but I tried the arctis pro and loved them. Those are too expensive for my taste though. Not quite sure what to do here, could use suggestions. I like the build quality of the arctis pro or the vorsair virtuoso SE, but those are a bit out of my budget. I am not super into audio/mic quality, but obviously it that being better helps.
  4. Hey guys, I am trying to set up a SFF PC for my wife's place as see will be out of town for rotations for about 8-10 months. I am looking to game on it, but don't need anything impressive and want it to be small. I would also prefer a cost effective approach. I don't play too many games and am open to using the IGPU on say a 2400 or 3400g. For this I am considering the Asrock deskmini and replacing whatever I get with the next APUs that come out, assuming it's 7nm. Besides that I am a fan of small ITX cases, but many of them do not get close to as small as the deskmini. I have a spare 144hz 1080p monitor I will probably take with me so getting frames above 60 is a good thing. I would consider ITX cases that can fit small GPUs. The issue is for cases that good for this size they all seem to be either $200 or too large and cheaper. Not trying to get the ultimate gaming machine, just something capable for like esports titles and AAA at close to 60fps. 1080p
  5. Hey guys I built a 2nd computer a while back and tried selling it on craigslist and got no hits. I had it at $425, which I thought was reasonable. Maybe price isn't the issue, who knows. Anyways here's the build info: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/sys/d/phoenix-rx-570-ryzen-5-gaming-computer/7034414574.html Selling used budget gaming computer. I built it with a mix of used, new, and slightly used parts. The case, cpu, cpu cooler, ram, and mobo were all purchased in march of 2019. The power supply is brand new. The drives are several years old and I do not know about the gpu. It has been tested and works great. I have upgraded my own computer and no longer need the parts. If you are looking for a great 1080p machine then this is a good deal.CPU - ryzen 5 1600 with deepcool gammaxx 400 air cooler. It is a 6 core/12 thread overclockable CPUMOBO - gigabyte AB350m (x370 board)RAM - Geil Evo Potenza 2x8gb 2666mhzGPU - Asus ROG strix rx 570 4gbpower supply - NEW EVGA 500W GoldHard drive - 750gb WD BLUESSD - 120gb HP SATA (windows is installed) No license so if this is an issue let me know and I will get one.CASE - DIYPC bg-01 ATX case
  6. I’ve got a 4 year old laptop with that ddr3 soddim ram and want to buy another stick to put in the laptop. Does it matter who makes the ram? Am I just looking for the same size and speed? Timings? Is eBay the place to find this?
  7. Try and spend the extra 20 on a board. It’s not sexy but it’s hugely important. I got a b450 tomahawk for $80 with an amazon warehouse sale.
  8. Install Radeon drivers and that’s literally it. For me the xmp profile has been already set, but it’s a basic thing to check. You just go into your bios and check to see if it’s on. It’s usually only a click or two. You have the most popular mobo so there’s bound to be loads of YouTube videos for it.
  9. Why not get the ryzen 5 1600 af for 85 and spend the extra hundo and upgrade to the 1660 super
  10. Hey guys I am curious about capture cards, but I am not a streamer and wouldn’t use it to record game footage. My question is if a capture card would be a good way to make say a YouTube video where I do CAD tutorials or make a copy of a video I streamed.
  11. nhess

    Monitor for my dad

    Looks like a good option. I trust dells monitors and it looks pretty sleek.
  12. Looking for a pretty basic 1080p 27” monitor for daily use, any suggestions? There is an aoc monitor for 110 on amazon I noticed. 100-150 would be ideal
  13. Hey guys I have been playing with the radeon software and wanted to see what you guys did for your 5700xt profiles on the radeon software. I used to just do auto undervolt, but I am now doing a profile with multiple changes. Currently running a max volt of 1125mV with +50% power limit. I am going to try and up the VRAM to 1900 MHZ as well. If you guys can share your profiles or experience with this please do as I am still working on mine. I have a powercolor red dragon and it typically hits 72 degrees at max
  14. Hey guys I just bought the MSI optix mag27cq and already own the mag24c. I could not find any reviews on the mag27cq, do you guys know of any? There seem to be different variants like the mag271cqr and mpg27cq, how are these different?