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  1. Ugh...so to get anything comparable to what the ISP has sent me I have to spend over 100?
  2. So I was looking at (and I know I'm opening myself up to scrutiny here) the older google wifi...not the google nest....I only have an 1,100 sqft home so range really isnt a huge issue for me seeing as how most routers I've looked at cover at least 1,500sqft....any thoughts on the google wifi unit? And the lack of ethernet isnt that big of a deal I do happen to have a 5 port switch just waiting to be put to use
  3. The router is technically more than just a router...its a router, access point, and switch...if that's what you mean....but the modem is separate
  4. I'd like to set up a NAS and a cloud server
  5. Kids will be doing school work...my girl and I game togeather alot...and I work from home...mostly computer repair...so alot of windows updates and .iso file transfers
  6. Trying to keep it under 100....I found a night hawk for 86...but it doesnt have MIMO....not sure if that's super important
  7. Check that monitor you have in you parts list....its freesync...may not be g-sync
  8. I had my pc plugged into an ups since the day I built it....it would screen flicker while playing games...have just super odd issues....nothing I did would fix it...i moved a couple of months ago....box with the ups got put in a different room I couldnt find it...so I plugged my pc in without the ups for the first time...every problem I encountered since I built the thing was corrected....seemed to me my ups caused more problems than it solved
  9. This worked perfectly! Thank you!
  10. So, I just moved into a new place a couple of months ago. ISP sends over a modem and router. I hook everything up and go to manage my router and I get this very simple screen with the ISP logo on it. I call the ISP to figure out why I can't manage my network and the lady did a horrible job of explaining anything. I'm not a network engineer or anything but I do have a degree in IT. Basically she fed me this line saying how it's a new standard of router, which doesnt allow you to manage your network, and once you have this new standard you can't go back to the old standard. She informs me the only way around this is to purchase my own router. So what I need is router that allows multiple devices to connect to it with good transfer speeds....at any given time there could be 2-3 desktops hardwired, 2 phones, streaming movies on our tv, upto 3-4 laptops all running at once...any suggestions on something that won't have the wife making me sleep on the sofa?
  11. I have an old laptop I want to keep as original as humanly possible....it shipped with XP professional...where can I find myself an XP iso file?....I dont think this machine can boot from USB....so I'd have to make a boot CD....any suggestions?
  12. Thanks everyone for the insight! I was able to find this on Lenovo's forums. So if anyone else was wondering yes it's possible and no there is no bios lock....at least according to this forum on Lenovo's site. lol https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T-series-Laptops/T570-add-M-2-SSD/m-p/3914022?page=1#3915200
  13. Keep watching ...he drops a SATA M.2 in the slot I was asking about...next to the wifi card