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  1. In a week or so apparently. They’re only releasing the quad core power efficient models first, though. They look promising and beat out AMD by a significant margin in IPC and integrated graphics when comparing against AMD’s quad core offerings. Once the 6 and 8 core stuff rolls out I’m sure that performance lead will translate over as well.
  2. Some apps will flag themselves as able to be purged of local content if it’s on iCloud, some won’t. iCloud isn’t sold as a storage solution to save space, it’s intended to be a means of syncing content across devices. For what you’re describing, you’re looking for something like Dropbox.
  3. Are you installing the boot camp drivers after Windows finishes its installation?
  4. Macs support h264 natively. Make sure she’s using QuickTime or another player like VLC. Or the easier solution would be to map the drive to her laptop and just let her play it that way.
  5. There are so many competitive PC genres that require no latency input that I doubt cloud gaming on PC will ever replace local hardware.
  6. If you’re using a case that has a lip above the screen, screen protectors are unnecessary for 99% of people since the screen will never touch the ground unless you somehow manage to drop it on a pointed object. There are always exceptions like getting scratches from stuff like sand or rocks, so it’s up to you. I personally would rather save the money and not have to deal with the bubbles, sharp edges and peeling.
  7. What program is “laggy and shitty”? You have to keep expectations in check with the 13 inch. They use low power 15w parts so your performance is about a third of larger notebooks that go up to 45w.
  8. General rule of thumb is don’t make fun of someone’s disability, race, etc. Things people can’t change. It’s not a super hard thing to avoid.
  9. So... people that face visual impairment and ridicule = “funny weird look”? This response would be more logical if it was some obscure disease or disability, but it’s not. You and everyone else knows these people exist.
  10. I don’t think you need to be a snowflake to acknowledge that disabilities shouldn’t be used as a source of humor? I could see if someone has a disability themself that they can be self deprecating to poke fun at it. But that’s not the case here. The whole acting like you have Down’s syndrome thing in the 90s fell out of favor pretty hard for the same reason.
  11. I think any adult with half a brain is well aware that people that are permanently crosseyed or the opposite as seen above, exist. That's the point, it's not really funny. It's a medical condition.
  12. So here's the deal... I'm not some fragile snowflake, nor do I have said disability. But let's get real, photoshopping a a visual impairment disability onto Linus for laughs and clickbait is of really poor taste. This is the condition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strabismus You're basically making fun of people that suffer from vision loss and face an enormous amount of insecurity and ridicule in their lives so you can get a few more clicks on your video. Where is the line drawn? Would you guys be comfortable photoshopping Linus as an amputee for more clicks? A quadriplegic? Not cool, LMG team.
  13. I haven’t watched the video yet and maybe I’m just a simple man with simple answers... ...But wouldn’t a decent mesh chair be both easier and much, much better at butt heat dispersal?
  14. Some people like it, some people don’t. Personally, I think it’s kind of necessary if the game has a realistic styling. Turning it off in game going for realism really pulls me out of the immersion simply because real life has motion blur and stripping it away makes things look really uncanny.