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  1. Nope, you're good! Only spinning drives need air pressure equalization.
  2. Looks like you covered the pressure valve, not gonna last long if you don't fix that. EDIT: I know this sounds like a joke, it's not! Hopefully OP sees this.
  3. I don't think so considering OP has a rig that costs more than what many Egyptians earn in a year. It's obvious that he/the family is well off.
  4. My opinion was literally that you should use whatever you prefer.
  5. They don't offer 4k on floatplane.
  6. Egypt has pretty much the cheapest electricity in the world. For example, Germans pay more than 10 times the amount for an average electricity bill.
  7. Good for Elon. The hate this guy receives for basically being a human that makes mistakes like the rest of us is nuts, it's fueled by envy. If you want to see actual evil, look at your average CEO on Wall Street.
  8. They both have their advantages over each other, there's no objectively better platform. Why waste time arguing over why you think your preferred platform is better?
  9. You can't just say stuff offends you and provide no reason or solution without people criticizing it. You keep saying I'm minimizing you by using terms like "politically correct" or "triggered", yet these are words that the social movements themselves use. Is there a new set of words that I'm unaware of?
  10. You can't be serious... Now you're triggered by the phrase "politically correct"?! What in the world are people supposed to say? You're complaining about how these widely used and socially accepted phrases are upsetting you, yet you absolutely fail to provide any example of what terminology you'd rather have people use. "This hurt me, consider changing it." TO WHAT?!
  11. I'm not even sure what the politically correct term is anymore, I don't think anybody really knows. You can't say "disabled person", can't say "differently abled" now apparently, what is anyone supposed to say? I've heard "person who has a disability" is the newly approved version, but that's absurd. It's not really grammatically intuitive and goes against all of the other ways we apply descriptors to humans. We don't say "male who possesses Asian DNA", we say "Asian male" and nobody seems to care. Why is this different?
  12. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/chargers-and-batteries/chargers/PWR-ADP-BO-Type-C-65W-Adapter/p/4X20M26268 Straight from Lenovo themselves for 50 bucks. If you want to get it cheaper, you may have some luck googling the part number from the page.
  13. They lately feel like commercials. If you go through their history, more than half of their videos are just sponsored advertisements masquerading as reviews or impressions. I definitely miss being able to trust his opinions, but you simply can't anymore when more than half of their content is bought and paid for by their sponsors.