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  1. Ok then! Much appreciate the help!!!!!
  2. So, you reckon If I watch and follow along with both those videos, I'll be able to create websites and the algorithms like I described?
  3. What I'm looking for is it being able to source information from other websites, then use those to run calculations and update them in real time, can it do that? Also, should I be learning python first?
  4. Thanks for your reply, will django let me code alogrithms?
  5. Hi All, Hoping you can help me, I'm looking to learn python 3. I want to use it for creating fairly complex websites and algorithms, especially to do with finance and math. Is there a YouTube (or otherwise) course that anyone would recommend for taking me from 0 to being 100% ready to code the stuff I wanna code in one go? I would prefer it to be in one go so I don't have to jump around alot and know exactly how long it will take me (maybe I should be doing an interactive course?). Anyway, thanks to everybody who replies! Will
  6. Hi All, I'm interested in learning to code, I want to be able to code fairly complex websites, with messaging and payment transfers if possible, as long with some fairly complex algorithms, especially to do with automated research and stats finding, then using that research to run calculations. I have no idea which language to learn, so which one should I go for and how would you recommend I do so? Cheers