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  1. yes, sort of. but i wouldn't call it a nightstand as the "bedside drawer" as a table where i just put things like my phone or my glasses and store some things in the drawer (tbh, idk what it is really called lmao). but im goona put this beside my desk. i planning to put my printer at the top of the drawer too because my desk isnt big as it is only 100cm x 46cm x 72cm (lwh).
  2. i dont have the drawer yet, im still planning to buy one. also ill update again. the dimensions (sorry). its 33cm x 28cm x 10cm (lwh). it seems small to fit all the component but i will still continue to find another drawer.
  3. i need to fit all of these as much as possible. My mobo size is matx. most of the drawers i see are roughly 30cm x 30cm/45cm x 15cm (LxWxH) (drawer only, not the whole bedside drawer)
  4. as the title says, Im planning to put my current(i might upgrade soon) pc hardware into a drawer so its seamless and stealthy(?). My pc isnt a gaming machine. but im planning to put a entry level to mid range gpu like a 1650 super or a rx 570. my current pc specs: i5 6400 cheapo 700w(it claims) PSU (yes, im planning to replace this if i got a new gpu) no gpu (only igpu for now) 8gb ram single channel asus h110m-k stock intel cooler i will upgrade these one-by-one. i dont play triple A games. only play light games or esports games dota 2 and minecraft. i want some advice on how am i going to pull this off. like what is the ideal or minimum dimensions of the drawer, what should modification do i need to the drawer(putting fans or putting vents or steel mesh) and what ideal sizes of the component should be. i dont need rgb lmao.
  5. UPDATE: Recuva works but idk if its still good for anyone else though.
  6. the problem is THAT is his backup files. im just helping him.
  7. that is too risky for me because he is still going to use it so i cant just pry it off.
  8. my dads extrernal hard drive (WD MyPassport) got this message "The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable". what does this mean? my dad wants to get the files in this hard drive because it has his files from work (maybe because he has 6 hard drives so he cant tell if this hard drive has his work files). what can i do to access or fix it? if i can fix it, what software can i use?
  9. I heard many arguments about intel being not safe because hardware vulnerabilities like spectre. do really need to worry about it? because i see it as to scare people so they wont buy a intel cpu but still enlighten me
  10. do you recommend kailh switches (specifically speed copper, speed silver, BOX brown and BOX red)? what gateron linears should i get? i dont want to get too fancy with switches like holy pandas or other custom yet im not too picky but if what i prefer is expensive, i would go for the budget alternative
  11. im want to change my switches that came with my recently bought keyboard because the only options it has is clicky switches(Box white and speed bronze) which i dont prefer. good thing they are hot-swappable so i can just replace it with new switches. this newly purchased keyboard is my second keyboard. my first keyboard was a tactile switch(idk what it is because its a chinese keyboard with RK in it) because i dont know if i like clicky or linears so i chose the middle which is the tactile one. i tried the clicky one on the second keyboard but i dont like loud clicking switches because i bring around my keyboard to school (before the human malware ofc)because i hate to type on those school keyboards and the box white is loud that some of my classmates look at me when i type lmao. i know keyboards are still produce loud sound when bottoming out the keys but you know what i mean here. i like the sound of the key caps more i guess. what switches do you recommend for me?