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  1. kailh silent pink - '3rd'ed' - love them for the office where i had way too many complaints from my browns
  2. I pre-ordered one as a case for my first build. aesthetically i quite like it so i thought it would be one i could build and rebuild in. It's a bit pricey though for sure - i'm almost glad it's been delayed so I ca, at least emotionally, spread the cost of the build
  3. following this - Have had mine on order since November and also planning (not started actual planning yet due to the delays) a really similar config for cooling
  4. highly doubt that, they have been giving frequent updates and have previously delivered a near exact copy of the old Apple Mac dustbin
  5. hi! have been using IBM ACS on windows for years, you know, it's shit but it works. Just switched over to a Mac and i've been able to install ACS and use the Run SQL and data transfer functions, but for the life of me I can't get the 5250 emulator working. Anyone had any experience with configuring session profiles (using .hod files, perhaps) on Mac? It's a long shot, I know thanks
  6. aaaaaannd i finally have my answer: https://evedevices.com/pages/spectrum/ closest to the perfect all round screen i've ever seen.
  7. I have a 2011 (ish) Apple LED Cinema Display 27". TO be clear, it's the MDP model, not thunderbolt. Recently it's developed this behaviour where it's screen will go black whilst in use. It's always still dectected as a display and it's speakers etc stil work whilst whatever desktop I have extended or duplicated there remains running. To get it working I can unplug it from power and then plug it back in again, a few times, and then it'll work constantly (hours and hours) until I power down whatever machine I have it hooked up to. IS this a common issue and is there a home spun fix for this? Feels like it could be a power issue but perhaps limited only to the display? For context it behaves the same way when using any machine plugged into it - currently it is regulary used with a 2010 macbook, a 2014 macbook pro 15" and a couple of Lenovo laptop (a newish thinkpad and an ultrabook). Any ideas?
  8. ordered one of these for my first pc build - seems that it could be highly useable as I upgrade and rebuild in future.
  9. I still use my 27inch Led Cinema Display but it's become a bit temperamental and goes black sometimes and I have to cycle the power to make it work. Wish they would make a new display that doesn't cost 5k
  10. First it was Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes - after a few too many meta shifts and my refusal to pay to keep up I quit. Then Rise of Civilizations (which became Rise of Kingdoms) which was/is BRILLIANT but again, PTW and people spend stupid money on that. We had a chinese guy start in one of my kingdoms and he spent close to 40k thus killing the kingdom. Also quit. Currently into Risk, Castle Creeps, Polytopia and keep going back to MM Mobile 3.
  11. Use cases: - Home office (large desk). For use with Lenovo thinkpads and macbooks (displayport/hdmi). - Alot of SQL, data vis, spreadsheets, code review, software testing: read general need to multitask and display alot of code and data side by side - Some lite gaming (non-competitive) - Some Wireframe/UI prototyping (sketch/figma etc) - Amateur graphic design So, preferably the monitor will have a USB-C with charging passthrough (65W up?) but possibly minidisplayport/hdmi options aswell. 27-34 inch Not sure on panel type although leaning towards IPS Thin bezels are a must Vesa compatible Ideally 1440p upwards I think i'd be pushing it to go for a refresh rate higher than 60/75 but you tell me, I'm swimming in a sea of options and about to drown. Throw me your recommendations! Also, first post, please go easy