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  1. It's apparently 1 ms on the website, but does anyone know the real response time?
  2. But yeah okay, I'm getting a cheap model like a Zotac, got it.
  3. I prefer taking a 1660 Super to save some money, then I can upgrade to a RTX 2060/RX 5700. That's also my first build, I think I'll be ok with a 1660 Super, but if the prices go down with sales I'll take a better GPU.
  4. Would you recommend me a cheap 1660 Super model in particular? I've seen that Zotac makes good cards for a low price, do you know if that's true or if there's a better option?
  5. I've considered the rx 5700 yes, but the problem is my PSU (a bronze be quiet system power 9 500W), I'm not sure if it will crash or not, so I'm going by the safe option.
  6. Oh and also, design doesn't matter. I don't have a windowed side panel.
  7. I can't find an asus strix model... In my country at least. Also, I plan to overclock it, that's why the temps must be low, noise isn't a major problem to be honest, it'd be just better.
  8. Everything is in the title, money isn't a problem but I prefer not to spend a lot for the GPU since it's almost the same.
  9. In kroner or USD? Edit : Okay I guess it's in USD, otherwise it's not possible
  10. Budget isn't the problem, I don't need the cheapest monitor on the earth. I just wanted to know at which price a monitor like the one I've described (24" 1080p 144hz TN panel) would be good for the average user.
  11. Question is in the title, it needs to be G sync compatible, and it's for gaming so having as least motion as possible is a good factor too. Colors don't need to be great, but not bad either.
  12. Alright, the dual fan sapphire model is only a few bucks more expensive so I'll go with that. Also, is the RX 5700 likely to be on good sales? Because apparently, RTX 2060 cards will be at around 290€ on black friday, so do you think there's gonna be sales like that for red team? (Basically around -20%)
  13. I was going to get a Zotac model for the RTX 2060 and a MSI Mech for the RX 5700 (so it's basically the cheap variants) Also, I don't even use Geforce Experience, so yeah I won't lose much by going with AMD.
  14. Oh yeah, of course there's gonna be Freensync and stuff... Yeah I plan on getting a 1080p 144hz monitor, so the RX 5700 seems to be a better choice, but my PSU is only 500W (be quiet System Power 9), will this be enough? (and btw I was talking abouy RTX 2060 non-super)