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  1. Thank you for the explanation, so we can say the offset starts from the auto voltage and we can offset it? or where it's starts?
  2. If you not set the voltage to manual do you set it to auto or offset ( with + or - values)?I have 3900x and Asus Rog strix x570-f,I notes that offset -0.1 voltage I get a bit higher score in ciniebench r20 (about 120p more) but I read somewhere that we should not under voltage TI am in 1404 update I manage to update via internet in bios and I got the latest as it's not available yet on web.Another question here Which monitor to belive more Razen Master or HWInfo 64 as Rayzen show a bit higher voltage!!
  3. My motherboard is Asus strix x570 -f ,in bios I set vcore to offset with + sign and multiplier to 42 ~ 42.5 ,set c-state to enable not on auto and memory profile applied ,I get voltage about 1.26 to 1.3On the desktop unless I close all the applications that is in the try bar and not lunch any thing voltage will stay at 1.26 and clock at 4200mhzbut if I close all the try apps voltage starts to drop under 1 volt but clock will never drop!, (in my last Intel CPU did it) in the other scenario when I set everything in bios the same but set the multiplier to auto I start see drops in voltage and in clock speed without closing all the try apps even with some programs loading but idling ! but I don't need this because I manly do multi core work (3d modeling and rendering) so I need all cores to run to the maximum when needed plus I am not so much comfortable with voltage that I see when multiplier on auto.I use CPU-z as recommended from AMD and I have Ryzen Balanced power plan installed and everything is updated including bios, So is there is something to do to make the clocks go down also on idling like I get with multiplier on auto?
  4. Thanks again I am going to order this motherboard then hoping that everything would work normally
  5. Thank you for replying here is the link to the file of supported device https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM4/ROG_STRIX_X570-F_GAMING/ROG_STRIX_X570-F_GAMING_Devices_report_20190715.pdf?_ga=2.265165196.2018271176.1570745052-482346721.1569841016
  6. Can't find my old GPU gtx 780 in the list there! I am not really a gaming guy I have tow gtx 780 working as a SLI in my current computer witch is I am planning to upgrade very soon I already chose this motherboard (didn't order yet thou) to pair with Ryzen 9 3900x but I am planing to keep my old gtx780 s for a while problem is when I looked at the devices report of this motherboard on asus website didn't find any gtx 780 there neither gtx 980 all starting from 10XX series is that mean that gtx 780 are not going to work?
  7. hi bdubbs I was reading your post the other day about asus prime 370 pro with ryzen 3900x, I am planing to get 3900x and I still wonder how this motherboard will handle it? so I am wonder if you please tell me after several months of using this motherboard and processor (if you still do) how they preform together? do you get any over heating or stability problems? I am mainly planing to use it in 3d modeling and rendering so maybe there will be some stress during rendering for long period of time! So please can you help me with your experience. Thank you in advance :) 

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    2. LukeSavenije


      the stability is still a bit eh sometimes


      and if you're really worried, fan helps

    3. MoSaber


      you mean somehow direct one fan to the VRM?

      or do you think any x470 will do me better than any x370? I also have SLI and not any mobo can work with me!

    4. LukeSavenije


      it depends all on which


      but this one should perfectly do