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  1. Ok thanks all of you for clarification ... whenever i see something liquid like on a electric component i tend to freak out ;-).
  2. Hey, I hope this topic fits here. After my BIOS randomly decided to not detect my M2 at all (another topic) i checked if removing it/ inserting it into another slot would help. After removing it from the msi meg z390 ace M2_3 slot (the one with the heat sink where the M2 is between two thermal pads and the heat sink is on top) i saw two patches of some oil like substance on the M2 in the diameter of ~ 1-2cm. I guess it comes of the thermal pads but i am not quite sure, is this normal for thermal pads or should i be worried? Venson
  3. Nope again the problems are back. I was about to shot images of an speedtest when i first disabled my Wired network adapter, then switched to WIFI made the shot and then switched back to Wired. After turning it off and on back again seem to be the solution. I will write a Script to toggle my network adapter once in a while hoping that helps.
  4. i might? have found the root of the problem. Super strange. Some weeks ago i played with the Windows Sandbox and therefore had installed the HyperV role on my Win10 Client. Yesterday i uninstalled HyperV, WindowsSandbox and the linux subsystem. For now there are no problems anymore. super strange.
  5. MSI offers the KillerNetwork suite, currently uninstalled.
  6. Just for fun in tired to plug my client directly into the router. No Difference its something with the PC but i have no idea what i even could be anymore. I un/installed all sorts of drivers, disabled/Enabled Bluetooth, disabled/enabled WIFI, updated Bios, Updated Windows nothing. As soon as there is a god dam cable plugged into it, it behaves just strange.
  7. No it was not, but i tried it. Made no difference.
  8. ? Its an Netgear GS105Ev2 with all ports enabled 1 gb. I switched ports from my working server and client. Did not help.
  9. You could also draw it like this: Client Server Router | | | ------ Switch ------
  10. yea they are both called Splitter/Switch as there are the same mostly in germany so ... old habits die hard^^.
  11. Sory lost in translation. Yes an actual Switch. An Netgear GS105Ev2
  12. hm no i dont think so as that would also affect my server. Client Server | | ---------- | Splitter | Router The server performs fine. The RJ45 to Usb is running on USB3.1 port (tried several with and without SS) and also supports USB3.1
  13. Hey, I have a very strange problem. When i go tethered network (does not matter if with an directly connected LAN cable or with a USB-LAN adapter) i see two common problems: 1. When using an Speed test like Speedtest.net i see a short burst in download speed followed by a steady decline. Normal up to 480mbits in the first 20% of the test and then slowly down to ~200 mbits to the end. 2. When i am using by onboard LAN i got only 20-30 mbits download. Upload is just fine with 50mbits more or less constant. I got an Msi MEG Z390 ACE with build in WIFI adapter, if i use the WIFI its fine and the speedtest climes up to 480-500 mbits and just stays there. Now comes to funny part. My pc is joined with my server on a splitter right before it gets to my router. My Server acts just fine with the expected 500/50 every time. I changed the cable from my pc to the splitter multiple times but it did not work. So nether the USB-LAN nor the build in LAN port does bring me constant download speeds. What in hell could be the problem? EDIT: Yes i did try turning off the WIFI Adapter when running the tests over LAN and vice version
  14. Thank you both for the clarification. Yes gaming is not my case. I will check the current graphic cards for one that suites my need. Thank you :-).
  15. Lower in the Document from Vesa it states: But what kind of Grafics-card would i need. I talked to one of my Colleges and he said that even using one 4k monitor with high refresh rate would surp the most out of even one mondern card and that i should no even think about running 3x4k displays from one single card. As Vesa stated (and i interpreted that correctly) the new DP2.0 specification states that i could run 3x4k(90hz) even from 1 port. That would be utterly insane. But should the card not be compattable with the used cable? What if dp2.0 uses USB-C as main port design? surly the GPU does not care, but the ports on the card. Are DP1.4 and DP2.0 ports are compatible?