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  1. Poor reliability !? That’s like saying I have to buy a new Tartarus soon. And it’s not even mechanical keys. It’s membrane! Noisy click membrane! This is even worse than I thought (followed by two “!!”)
  2. I have stopped buying their products after their unscheduled software uppdates. But I can't uninstall the software because I unfortunately need it for my Tartarus. And I need the Tartarus, cause i haven't found anyone else who sells a similar item in Norway. Now that said, yes I could take legal action against Razer without the risk of loosing. I could offer my case to a law firm. And then make an agreement that if the law firm is willing to take the cost, they get to keep 100% of the claim if they win. Easy as that. But most importantly, it should give Razer a serious economic sting for disrespecting their customers. *end of message*
  3. Hi Yes you heard right! Razer used their Synapse software to display an ad directly om my computer. The ad was shown at 4th October 2019 in the bottom right corner of my screen. Not only do Razer force unnotified updates to their Synapse software without warning. But now they are showing ads as well !? Now I'm really pissed, and I'm considering taking legal action against Razer. Now you know!