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  1. Running Proxmox 5.4 atm just on my way to update to 6.0 becuse it looks like i have a Kernel bug on the host regarding DMAR, About 2 hours of having load on the GPU the kernel hangs all CPU threads with the message: DMAR: DRHD: handling fault status 40 Do you have any pointers? Guest os is Win 10 1903 running adrenaline 19.10.1 drivers seted up as a q35 machine with OVMF bootloader ("bios")
  2. Well, soon 3 weeks in and not going as planed. Alot of hassle with getting my Vega 64 to work in a VM without crashing the host and a bit of a back-lash for not reading up enough when i bought my RX 5700xt that it could not run FAH. so i'm stuck with two RX480 chugging away as good as thay can. Looks like the problems with the Vega 64 is starting to get solved after several weeks of head bashing, now lets hope i can get is stable at full clock. right now it capped to 1200mhz core and 945mhz mem. Hope to make it in to top 100, 114 possition right now so i think it may be possible