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    vidyasager162 reacted to GAME 55 in Is my camera good enough?   
    OK, thank you so much for the information, I really appreciate it!
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    vidyasager162 got a reaction from Feyza in Is there a thing such as Too much power can kill my board?   
    You're very much welcome!! 😁
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    vidyasager162 got a reaction from ryanthomp1 in Ryzen upgrade.   
    You're setup is actually very good already... Upgrading to Ryzen 7 3700x would be worth the amount you'll be paying for it... 
    You'll be in the territory of 111 to 123 FPS after the upgrade I guess.... A 25 to 30 FPS increase is definitely a great upgrade... I think you should go for it!!
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    vidyasager162 got a reaction from Feyza in Is there a thing such as Too much power can kill my board?   
    Don't know for sure if 300W is too much or sufficient for the setup... But there's probably not too much power that can fry you mobo.... You should probably get into a better heatsink solution than the current one... But it's still 3 cores.. So you won't be gaming too much that heat dissipation would be a problem... So i guess that heat sink is fine...
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    vidyasager162 got a reaction from Feyza in Is there a thing such as Too much power can kill my board?   
    Well then it's good to stick with it.
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    vidyasager162 got a reaction from WarPickle in 1st PC build, constructive criticism?   
    Tbh, You're setup seems to be awesome actually and with that Ryzen 7 processor and the vega graphics , you're gonna be far better on the gaming side. And I'm not clear on what you're asking regarding the BIOS ... It would be helpful if you ask anything specifically. If you mean about the BIOS update, we can't surely tell anything about that.. If you try booting up the rig and if any part is not detected or properly working then also you can do basic troubleshooting and if still any problem exists... That's when you probably try for a BIOS update...
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    vidyasager162 got a reaction from UnknownLight in benq ex3203r 32 stuck at 1080p   
    You can try changing resolution from the Nvidia Control panel or just check theHDMI cable becaue HDMI 1.4 can output upto 60Hz on 1440p. Hope this is helpful. If your HDMI port is 1.4 rather than 2.0 you can't output more than 1440p 60Hz.
    Maybe try the Nvidia control panel settings.
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    vidyasager162 got a reaction from Applefreak in Upgrading my current system, newbie here   
    I think your choice for the processor is kinda not good.. You can go Ryzen 5 or something... Other item choices are good ... You can go for a SSD as it gives both good boot times and gaming is better on a SSD rather than on a HDD.
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    vidyasager162 got a reaction from BigDaddy23 in Will a 5 year old HDD slow down the SSD boot time?   
    From the details you've given, it's definitely a corrupted HDD or a dying HDD. As the SSD is the boot drive and the HDD is not. So, this should not slow down either the SSD or the boot time. My advice to get back your boot time and still use the HDD is to go to the bios setup during booting and go to the boot option and remove the HDD from booting preferences. This disables searching for the HDD for boot files and makes your SSD the first priority. This might solve your Boot time problem. For the stuttering, I advice you to clean up your HDD by using some software and check for HDD failure and try repairing it. Or just buy a new HDD from BestBuy. I'll give the links for some HDDs. 
    Link for some HDD models: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/seagate-barracuda-2tb-internal-sata-hard-drive-for-desktops/6344172.p?skuId=6344172