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  1. Mostly this happens if the CPU is either dead or having some problems.
  2. Look at the CPU processes. If it's maxed out at even being on idle or something like that means that you have cooling problems or something like that.
  3. It is a good camera for beginner photographers and it's user friendly for beginners to DSLRs.. If you want to learn more about shooting photographs and modes... Contact me on my PC(Personal Chat).
  4. Check your HDMI port whether it's fried or something...
  5. You're setup is actually very good already... Upgrading to Ryzen 7 3700x would be worth the amount you'll be paying for it... You'll be in the territory of 111 to 123 FPS after the upgrade I guess.... A 25 to 30 FPS increase is definitely a great upgrade... I think you should go for it!!
  6. Look for distortions on the screen or any colour lines that are formed... If these things happen it's probably the HDMI or the Monitor... But you're saying that there are some random restarts... Maybe do a disk clean up or use a recovery point from before these problems started incase something is corrupted.
  7. Other than extra ports... Essentially it's larger and wider than the Lian Li O11D
  8. You can run GPU-Z to check whether there is any fault on your GPU... As far as for the HDMI cable I don't think there is a software to check that. Will let you know if i find out anything...Until then try GPU-Z
  9. Don't know for sure if 300W is too much or sufficient for the setup... But there's probably not too much power that can fry you mobo.... You should probably get into a better heatsink solution than the current one... But it's still 3 cores.. So you won't be gaming too much that heat dissipation would be a problem... So i guess that heat sink is fine...
  10. Try troubleshooting like plug your rig to another monitor... If the problem doesn't occur then probably problem with the port on the monitor.. If it still persists , then try any other HDMI cable and check if the HDMI cable is probably the problem... If there's still problem.. Then probably it's your GPU I guess....
  11. vidyasager162

    new monitor

    You're very much welcome... If you have anymore doubts on this or any other topics... Feel free to ask them... If you want any recommendation ... I'd be happy to recommend you some models... https://www.amazon.com/Philips-276E8VJSB-3840x2160-UltraNarrow-DispalyPort/dp/B07JXCR263/ref=sr_1_7?crid=15F4EI5ZAVTBC&dchild=1&keywords=4k+144hz+monitor&qid=1587027318&sprefix=4k+144hz+%2Caps%2C371&sr=8-7 https://www.amazon.com/AOC-C32G1-Frameless-1920x1080-DisplayPort/dp/B07HKM16DT/ref=sr_1_10?crid=1R4TFFELX160T&dchild=1&keywords=curved%2Bmonitor&qid=1587027396&sprefix=curved%2Bmon%2Caps%2C389&sr=8-10&th=1
  12. vidyasager162

    new monitor

    Okay that's a decent rig to handle some of 4k with like 50 to 60 FPS... Or even lesser at high settings on games.. You have DisplayPort 1.4 so you can use that to get the full 5120x2160 resolution on the monitor you enquired about...
  13. vidyasager162

    new monitor

    If you have display port or USB C to connect the laptop to the monitor then you'll get the full resolution out of it... If you give the specs of your rig... Then it would be easy to assess whether this upgrade is worthy or not.
  14. Tbh, You're setup seems to be awesome actually and with that Ryzen 7 processor and the vega graphics , you're gonna be far better on the gaming side. And I'm not clear on what you're asking regarding the BIOS ... It would be helpful if you ask anything specifically. If you mean about the BIOS update, we can't surely tell anything about that.. If you try booting up the rig and if any part is not detected or properly working then also you can do basic troubleshooting and if still any problem exists... That's when you probably try for a BIOS update...
  15. You can clone the windows that is already existing on the drive you have by using OS cloning software... You can get an Free and Open Source one of you search for OS Cloning.
  16. It wouldn't be horrible but it would be better... Like way much better if you get a new GPU
  17. HDMI 2.0 easily supports for outputting at 1440p at 144Hz ... So that's not a problem and also your rig is pretty decent on the gaming side because of the GTX 1660 Ti... So there is no problem in outputting 1440 Hz as you have HDMI 2.0 and the hardware to run 1440p at 144Hz. So I don't think you need an alternative... But if you're interested in getting a curved ultra wide monitor... You can go with some 27 inch LG ultra wide curved monitor... You can search that on Amazon.
  18. That really depends on what GPU you get... Check whether the GPU you have can smoothly work without any bottle neck on the B450 mobo with the Ryzen 3600
  19. Check if the ram are in the correct slots and also check whether the ram you have is compatible with the mother board.
  20. In your test results, if you can see... There are mainly two things visible which are not proper and is being reported as a yellow flag.. Which is the Sector Count... This is a warning that there are actually some bad sectors in your drive. This means that this situation will only get worse in the later times... So you better backup all your stuff and either get ready to claim warranty or buy a new HDD or an SSD
  21. You're setup is actually pretty decent... Although my advice is to go full SSD than that 1TB HDD and 120GB SSD..., Instead of that you could do a 1TB SSD. I don't think there might be any bottle neck as your motherboard can handle the CPU and GPU.
  22. Sounds like maybe a drive failure... Maybe try troubleshooting the HDD or SSD
  23. Yeah okay man... sorry my bad..., will surely do some research on that... Sorry that I wasn't helpful.