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  1. Got a new pc,everything is like it used to be.So people who says this has nothing to do with electricity please explain to me why this happens to me on 2 different pc's
  2. So after all this i think we can assume that electricity is the problem,because this even happens on new pc,consoles.
  3. So guys,i've been thinking about buying other pc but i've also heard people still had this problem on the other pc.Can somobody who bough the other one tell me does he still have this problem.
  4. I see little shimmering in those videos on phone but not even close to that much,i also see some on youtube but much less.
  5. So this is how games are ''supposed'' to look 2020.01.01-17.59_Trim (2)_Trim.mp4
  6. Got horrible shadow flickering in games after buying new gpu and psu,changed gpu and reinstalled windows but it didn't help.