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  1. Thanks for all the advices and suggested builds! It really means a lot to me the help I am being provided with! In terms of the RTX support I have searched long and wide if it is worth it and I do not plan on waiting 1-2 years for wide range of games to support it fully so I can settle with AMD, was really looking to get 5700 XT, I will be able to stretch the budget to fit it. However I wanted to ask if you were on my spot would you wait for AMD & nVidia new tech releases later this year ?
  2. Hello, I am just graduating from University and I am looking to upgrade my workstation. Currently I am using Acer E5 575 laptop with 8GB RAM, i5-6200U up to 2.7 GHz processor and GeForce 940 MX video chipset. With it I have purchased a monitor for better productivity which is 24` and supports up to 75Hz. With this I am having hard time playing any new AAA games even on the laptop display. Basically for gaming I do not have exact titles to provide, however I am looking for best quality in 1080P gaming since even when I upgrade I won't have the physical space for dual 27` monitor, which I prefer since gaming is done in the free time, I am working at a hosting company and developing software as a side income (Angular/Blender/Unreal Engine 4). I live in Bulgaria - Eastern Europe and the price currency is in BGN - leva, I have roughly calculated my budget for $1000 and can go ~$100-150 on top , which I would prefer for you to help me in $ USD even if the prices are higher at my place I will make sure to save a little more since I am looking for performance and quality, which comes at a price. Furthermore I want to add that I can wait with the PC build stuff couple of months, since I have done some Google research and I am aware of the new GPU/CPU comming out, please correct me if I am wrong. I am just searching for tips and tricks on the PC building and the parts I can pick now and maybe wait out in the future to see what AMD & Nvidia goes for, since I am sure that will affect the prices. Also any advices would be greatly appreciated since I am watching youtube videos on builds 24/7 my girlfriend already is being bribed to help with funding the build . I am attaching a photo for one of the reasons for upgrading, the resolution may be bad, It is bad when UE4 crashes and you forgot to save your work because of video memory absence. I wish you all the best of health and stay safe!
  3. Hello Techies, My name is Dimitar and I am proud to finally register at my favorite YouTube PC build forum. I am 4th year of university and my main hobby is Web Development and when I have the time I like to boot some games like LoL,Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Witcher 3 and such at my laptop (old one). It is an Acer e5 575g 8GB RAM, GeForce 940MX with i5-6200U. As you may be familiar writing code and managing multiple applications during web development process is hard and I want to purchase a new monitor and use it for now as a second one to my laptop and perhaps in the future build a PC when I have the money for it. I am living in Eastern Europe - Bulgaria which is kind of important related to the prices. Currently I have reviewed a couple of monitors based on the little knowledge that I could gather up and the money I am willing to spend which is $150. These are the monitors that I have currently stopped at are AOC 24V2Q and LG 24MP59G-P . My main wish is for an IPS 24` monitor that has good design and is okay for these titles of games, because I am no competitive gamer. I know this is impossible to fill all the requirements at this budget, however I would be highly grateful if you can give me some recommendations on picking a monitor and giving your thoughts on these 2. Have a wonderful day/night and again thank you for your time!