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  1. Asus prime x570 and x470. ($300 combined with board and chip)
  2. Asus prime 570 and the prime x470.
  3. Gaming, streaming light media consumption
  4. Will be running a 2080 super and 36gb ram 3200mb
  5. So I'm debating a 2700x vs 3700x. There's a $300 difference (mother boards included x570 being more expensive) is the 3700x worth $300 more to go with ??
  6. I plan on getting an rtx 2080, thanks for all the imput
  7. I'm looking to build a pc in the next year whilst I save my money up, mostly for gaming and streaming and my conundrum is what CPU to choose. My heart says 9700k, the 3700x is also up there and about the same price. Though the 3700x is new it's kind of a turn off because of being so new. The though of a 2700x also popped into my head, but I'm not sure I would get the performance I'm looking for. It's going to be a "lower" high end build being that I want to have a bang up system but not over pay If i don't need something. What are everyone's thoughts