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  1. I happen to already have a decent mic setup so ill probably just get them off the beyerdynamic website for 140 euros, but thanks for the tip
  2. ok i think you might've sold me on the tygr's
  3. Thanks for the recommendation i haven't seen the tygr yet ill look into it
  4. I might have phrased a bunch of things wrong when writing this because im just typing away without really checking, but in short i only have the steelseries arctis 3 right now and all ive done is research and more research, and what it always led me back to was that the dt990 pros were the best choice. Sorry if that was a bit misleading.
  5. I was interested in the shp 9500s and the x2hr seemed like an upgrade from those, but after seeing reviews of the x2hr it seems that they just have very strong bass and not amazing in anything else, and if the 9500s are a step below that then im not sure. The 990s have amazing imaging and great soundstage which is perfect for fps games(which is all i play), but from almost every review i've seen they say that the highs can be a bit piercing and the bass is clear and detailed but it doesnt have that mush oomph to it, with which i've also concluded that im looking for a bit more of a 'fun' sound, but which also has great imaging and a wide soundstage for games (i like a good bass). Ive also realised that im contradicting myself because the x2hr are supposedly quite fun sounding, and im still looking into them but theres a lot of different things being said about them so im unable to be certain that they'll be the right choice for me. I listen to a lot of different genres because i just add things to my playlist whenever i enjoy the song and i dont care what genre it is, but it kind of narrows down to hip hop, some pop, bit of edm, electronic, but not too much opera music. If you have any advice be sure to let me know.
  6. I really just have enough to get the headphones rn, but i think i could just buy them from amazon and return if i cant power them, and the 770 they were very tempting but im just completely stuck on the open back headphones. I saw some people saying that tweaking the eq could have a big difference on the sound and i might just try that and see how it goes.
  7. I've been researching good open back headphone choices for gaming and the bottom line is that it always came back to the dt 990 pros being my #1. I live in the uk and headphones such as the AD500x and AD700x are completely overpriced and the hd58x and hifimans arent available to buy anywhere for anything close to a good price, or any drop headphones, so im pretty much stuck with the 990s. Thing is ive heard that they're amazing for gaming but are lacking in the music listening department, which is not something i'd like to skip out on, so im wondering if there's any better choices. I'll add that ive looked at the 500 series sennheisers but the 990s just seem to be a tier above them in many ways, and also i dont actually have an amp rn, but i have the x99m killer 3.1 which has purity sound 2, which claims to be able to drive headphones up too 600ohms, and though i know thats kind of a stretch i think that it would be fine to drive headphones in the 250ohm range like the 990s, unless im wrong(an amp is out of my budget). So if thats a problem then maybe headphones that dont have as high an impedance? I've never had any experience with higher grade stuff and im using the arctis 3 rn so im not sure how picky ill be about sound, though im set in stone on open backs. In conclusion im looking for something like the dt 990 pro but which is as good for gaming but better for music(i listened to just about every genre) and open back.
  8. After posting this i found the AKG K702's which are only 62ohms compared to the 250ohm range that i was thinking of getting before. I think the onboard should be just fine driving these unless im missing something.
  9. I have this motherboard and want to but a new set of headphones, and when i checked the specs of the built in audio it says that it can support up to 600ohm headphones, so im wondering if anyone has tried using high impedance headphones with the built in audio on this motherboard or others which claim the same thing, or if someone has it and can find out, because if it can then i might not have to spend more money on an amp.
  10. Ok thanks for the tip, I'll check it out
  11. Found this Asus pcie card in my box of random stuff, and thought it would be nice to have thunderbolt in my pc, but I've never seen the 'tb header' plug, which goes from a standard internal usb to the other one on the picture. Don't know where to plug it in, or if I even can. I have an ASRock fatal1ty x99m killer 3.1
  12. So after watching Linus' most recent video on the cq27g1, I went back to my shopping cart and took another look at the c24g1, which I have planned to buy for quite a while now. The 250 nits peak brightness kind of bothered me, and I wasn't sure if it was present on the 24 or if it was only on the q27, and after a little investigation I oddly found that some specs websites list the 24 as a 450 nits display while others say that it is 250 nits. I was wondering if anyone can confirm which one it is, and if possible, maybe another alternative under £200, such as the MSI Optix mag241cpuk, which I have also seen on amazon. If anyone has any prior experience with these monitors then it would be a great help if you could leave me some tips on how I should proceed with this.