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  1. i think you are playing on low settings that the reason the GPU is not active therefore it is not running at 100%.
  2. That is because you are running Cinebench. As cine bench focuses on CPU that's the reason it is spiking. Incase if it spike when u are not doing heavy projects then there is an problem.
  3. Most of the times when an SD card reaches its limits it gets corrupted. that is if you were using any old SD card. So it is recommended to buy a new one .
  4. vaorg1


    Which model ?
  5. I wanted to ask is there any affiliate program for honey or will honey email the person whom they want to partner with.
  6. True i will try to make my own intro. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys I wanted to ask that as now LTT use the new intro, I wanted to use the old intro but change the name . So do wanted to ask whether do i need rights for that and is there any adobe after effects file for that so to edit.
  8. vaorg1


    is it PC or mobile ?
  9. I know. If he wants the best maxed out performance the can choose this.
  10. oh Sorry. Is the channel name good. and thanks for the help guys.
  11. thanks for the help. but can you reccomend some names.
  12. I can help. First change the CPU to Ryzen 9 3900X Second change the ram to Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB RGB the cooler and rest of the things can be the same. Hope this works
  13. but when i search that some other videos and channel comes up.