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  1. Yes, I'm thinking about returning the card because ever since installation its been at 100%
  2. My gigabyte rtx 2060 has not been changing speeds after customising them in MSI Afterburner and Aorus Engine. The drivers are at the latest and I still cant find a solution. Help me. Please.
  3. After installing the latest nvidia drivers for my gigabyte rtx 2060 the fans are so loud and constantly keep turning off and on at idle? What may be causing this and how to fix it?
  4. I've recently installed RGB Fusion 2.0 in my new pc for my gigabyte rtx 2060 but opening it reveals a weird blank template which won't let me do anything that helps. Please help. [EDIT] The gpu rgb is currently on rainbow mode
  5. Haha, thats exactly what I said to my brother, It's his first time build a PC and he said he doesn't want my old one because the 6600k is a 6th gen and the 9100f is 9th gen but anyways he said he will use my h80i v2 for the aesthetics rather then the stock one
  6. Long shot here but would anyone know if a Corsair H80i v2 will fit into a NZXT H210???
  7. Oh, I recently upgraded my PC which now has a 8600k which now has a h100x
  8. Hello everyone I've decided to reuse my corsair h80i v2 from my i5 6600k build for my brothers i3 9100f build just wondering if anything bad will happen if I use the cooler with the 9100f. I told my brother that there is no point and he might as well use the stock cooler but he says that he wants to use the h80i to cool it
  9. I've recently turned on my PC and noticed that my screen has gone black before windows 8 even loads up but I can still see the cursor My PC is a HP desktop and the HP logo shows up on my monitor then it goes black. Please help Desktop: HP Envy h8-1425a OS: Windows 8
  10. Alright thank you, My bios version on my H310 says its p4.20 so I should be all good now!
  11. Hello, I recently bought a i3 9100F and a H310CM-HDV and I went to pcpartpicker to see what PSU my system needed and I got a warning saying that the H310s might need a bios update and i may need a different cpu that is supported by old bios revisions. I do not know what this means and I am worried that buying the 9100F was a wrong decision. https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/H310CM-HDV/index.asp