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  1. that is pretty much what I have. Gaming is around 50C and benchmarks throw it up to 69/70C. I work night shift in NZ so my computer is only running at night when its freezing cold, and I keep my window open coz I'm used to being outdoors. We get frost at night through to Janurary. I just ordered the scythe fuma 2 because in the month of Februrary, even at night, it is stinking hot.
  2. 4.1GHz appears to be a sweetspot for the 2600. I've had mine for about three weeks and just overclocked it tonight. I will try break past 4.1GHz when my cooler arrives. I'm still using the stock cooler.
  3. I overclocked my toaster oven. I broke the top two elements.
  4. http://phanteks.com/Eclipse-P300-TemperedGlass.html phanteks P300 is a cheaper alternative to the G3. It's a bit bigger and can take a full size air cooler. I like the G3 too. I would pick the G3 for water cooling and the P300 for air cooling. Hey why not take a grinder to a cheap case? Cut off the excess parts and rivet it all back together.
  5. These are the AMD cards that are available to me. Which one? I have mostly owned EVGA Nvidia cards. https://www.pbtech.co.nz/category/components/video-cards/amd-desktop-graphics-cards/radeon-rx-5700xt https://www.pbtech.co.nz/category/components/video-cards/amd-desktop-graphics-cards/radeon-rx-5700 Also why is the 5700 and 5700XT priced so closely? Is the performance difference meh?
  6. SSDs dont have moving parts. You can get away with tying/taping it down.
  7. I wonder if a low end intel NUC would be more powerful. I use a Celeron J3455 as a server, but I dont stream videos from it. It cost me f-all coz I already had RAM and an SSD from my broken laptop.
  8. I ran RAID0 for years before SSDs became affordable.
  9. I wont believe any product that choses plastic over metal can be better for the environment. All metals are heavily recycled. People earn cash scrapping metal. Recycling plastic requires tax subsidies. Also I don't like em putting chemicals in the water that are turning the friggin frogs gay! Yea plastic actually does this!
  10. I would not get a liquid cooler for a first build. Do you really need 8TB of storage and two monitors? You will get better performance with one monitor. Most people have a large TV as a second monitor.
  11. It's ugly and has a creepy name. I'm pretty sure ALICE has been used several times as a name for evil AI across different franchises.