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  1. Yo, Instead of opening new thread I'll post there aswell, I've delidded mine i7-3770k, put copper IHS on, liquid metal beneath, liquid metal on top and NOCTUA NH-U9S (because back then I had a small case). Running it hot at 4.8Ghz at 1.335V (4.9 at 1.39V and 5GHz at 1.470V) and ... it works decently so far... having temp's around 60-70C in peaks. Having a score of 901 (had 908 I think but didn't saved) in cine15. Do you guys think i should watercool it just 4fun in order perhaps to reach 5.1, 5.2? I know it's Ryzen time, but heck I can play FarCry5 at Ultra with it...
  2. Sorry for late response... EKWB confirmed they have no such block nor planning for that my exact model... so.... I put the idea to ice for a while, improving case airflow with 2x 140mm Noctua fans just becauz.... anyway... do you have example of such block? How about other parts of the GPU that needs to be cooled and are cooled by default by the heatsink?
  3. As the guy before mentioned, getting expensive block just to modify it... meh thats not gonna work..
  4. I don't have problem to cool it down (As I mentioned above I already own one), but I was thinking about lowering overall noise levels by making custom water loop thru CPU and GPU.
  5. Not sure if those will be sufficient? I took this few weeks ago ... apparently there were some extra ones hmm
  6. Uh hey, Need a tip guys, I am desperately seeking for a waterblock for my 5700XT which is "Radeon™ RX 5700 XT GAMING OC 8G (GV-R57XTGAMING OC-8GD)" and seemingly there just isn't one... I should have picked a ref. card but heck too late... I already applied grizzly conductonaut and building much more serious airflow so it can breathe but water cooling would still be better for this inferno. Do you know if there's any or possibly some compatible block ? Thanks
  7. It may not be problem on your side... It could be simply routed by some long-ass path or by a slow node because some other one is currently offline. You can run traceroute to see exactly. DSL connection will kinda always suck, Linus made 12 Km microwave link with higher speed you may want to try if there is a line of sight...
  8. Hey! Same exact issue, I know this thread is milinea old but those sticks ain't bad. The thing is they crash/bsod in dualchannel mode at 2400Mhz in single channel they actually work (or they work if set to 2133 Mhz).... Any idea how to fix it?
  9. Thanks everybody, I'll go with the Corsair RM650x (2018), 10 years of warranty, 650W and silent mode and it doesn't cost a fortune so exactly what I had in mind. It may not be most effective but whatever.
  10. It's kinda well cooled modified mATX case (microtower), and from czech rep. altough unsure how that helps besides prize
  11. modular cabling, passive mode, gold rating, 50W extra hmmm, sounds good good and yet still half cheaper than the one I picked.
  12. Middle EU so 230V... i dont mind the prize much, but unsure what to pick really... I mean...do I really need the titanium class? possibly...? Guess the middle gold way should do?
  13. Hey! Looking forward to get some GPU, but for that I also need new PSU, altough can't say I am 100% sure if mine 600W pick is the best choice so I decided to try pick some tips u may have. This is my setup: CPU: i7-3770K, overclocked to 4.60Ghz at 1.284V cooled with two Noctua fans and liquid metal underneath custom ebay copper heat spreader. GPU: (planned) GIGABYTE Radeon RX 5700 XT GAMING OC 8G RAM: HyperX 16GB KIT DDR3 2400MHz CL11 Beast Series Motherboard: mATX G1.Sniper M3 Drives: WD Black NVMe SSD 250GB in PCI-E x8 (using adapter for OS primarly) (planned) at least one 7200rpm 99PB drive to store all the stuff (possibly) one optical drive FANs: in total, two Noctuas on CPU, 1x 92mm Noctua in back of the case, 1x 120mm Noctua in front As u can tell it was continually changed as time gone by, so my best pick is this SilverStone Nightjar Fanless Titanium NJ600 600W Do u think its worth it? Is it enough with some extra watts to spare? Also feel free to rate the setup, I am fully aware that there's ryzen to upgrade to, but it doesn't hurry that much. Thanks for advices