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    Pretty much all things tech, Development, PC Building, Gaming, Aruduio, RPI, 3D Modeling & Printing, with the occasional building stuff with wood.
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    Was prescribed a Vic 20 as a kid by a legit doctor to improve my hand eye co-ordination, the rest is history.
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    Solving whatever tech issue my clients have.


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    Lenovo X1 Carbon

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  1. While with the current implementation of the extension in chrome that would be possible, I'm reluctant to mod some of the more base F@H menus and functionality as it makes my build more and more different from theirs which they may not be thrilled about. I am however working on the Firefox version and trying to find some common ground in terms of features and approaches to the mods that work for both browsers implementation. End goal that aligns with what you're looking for is to additional resources while not modifying F@Hs base features. Thoughts there are adding a new folder setup wizard that makes sure that you enter a name, get a key, enter it, join a team (defaulting to LTT, but they can enter other stuff) know how and where to check stats, and what is / how to setup folding resources that would link out to LTT videos and the forum... which cards to buy right now and why linking out to the PPD DB. In addition to all that mod in a notification window that can announce when we got an event etc. Cause I have seen plenty of posts "I fold for LTT but missed the event sign up" So not right now... but soonish something better!?
  2. Folding Summer Mode: Reduced Power Target for Heat, runs when I can handle it 1 x RTX 2080 Super 2 x RTX 2060 Super Folding Winter Mode: Space Heater Power Target, Machines in cold parts of house 1 x RTX 2080 Super 2 x RTX 2060 Super 1 x GTX 1080ti 1 x GTX 1060 EVENT MODE: (Rocky Theme Plays) Full power target, clock adjustments GPUs 1 x RTX 2080 Super 2 x RTX 2060 Super 1 x GTX 1080ti 1 x GTX 1060 1 x GTX 950M 1 x AMD 3200g integrated Radeon CPUs 1 x AMD 2950x Threadripper (half threads) 1 x AMD Ryzen 1700 (all threads) 1 x AMD Ryzen 3700x (all threads) 1 x Intel 7700k (all threads)
  3. The latest build (v1.0.3) has been approved by the Chrome Web Store and is live, should be trickling down to your systems now. Version 1.0.3 – Beta Updates & Patches --------------------------------------------- Fix – Address blank GPU on comparison display on pause / restart in clean session condition. @Kilrah @marknd59 Update – CSS styles and share icons to header area @GOTSpectrum Update – CSS styles to sleep mode area, addition of disable sleep mode URL in status area
  4. Yeah... some of the test WU can fail, sometimes not so gracefully. I run all my systems on the test branch config for worse case testing... I have seen a hard reset of a system before complements of factory OC on a GPU and the wrong test unit running on it.
  5. Thanks for the info, you're getting the right message for the new project... but the GPU should be populated and is a bug on my end. New version of the client has been submitted to Chrome Web Store for approval which will hopefully address the issue. I will post again with release notes once it's officially approved.
  6. 0x10de:0x1e89:2:7:TU106-200A [GeForce RTX 2060] 0x10de:0x1f08:2:7:TU106 [Geforce RTX 2060] The lowercase f shows up on the regular TU106 entry for 2060 in the GPU files on a few of my test machines so it's not just you.
  7. If they are in the console log, that’s me with debug stuff that will be removed in the next release. But that looks like the f@h regular intercom network call that is always running communication between browser and folding client backend. API calls to my server are only on triggered events usually on load an then each hour or so.
  8. I mean... it's only responsible to stress test it to make sure it's OK to use going forward LOL. Also... perhaps it has magical folding powers now that it's been blessed by Zeus himself.
  9. Between Core 22 and RTX cards I'm practically cheating compared to you doing this for 6 Years.
  10. That's awesome... a big part of of the DB side of this is I'm very interested in how HE desktop and server cards fold!
  11. I'm glad to hear that the in client widget is reporting correctly now for those that it was not. The great news is that it was just the client API to return the PPD comparison for the WU, so no submitted GPU/WU data was missed or lost, so the results you are getting now are based off a good depth of samples to average. I will sleep better tonight knowing that it looks the build is a solid release candidate now and thank all of you for trying it and the bug reports as they are soo helpful when I only have access to certain test machine configurations myself. Think I will see if the weekend kicks up any further bug reports before pushing another release to Google Play... but I think the next release I will switch it from a hidden (private url) app to a public listing one so @GOTSpectrum can go ham recruiting with it. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Not a problem, and thanks... though gonna have to call it a night... hope to find this propagated properly when I wake up!
  13. Think I just figured it out... it's an issue with the server side code and GPUs that have the trailing "variant" number after the model name in the [] brackets. I have patched the API, I'm hoping in the next hour that fix will trickle down through server & browser cache to you guys.