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  1. I'm now 2 bios versions behind because there are some bugs and I don't want to risk it. The drive still doesn't work. Anyways thank you for your time.
  2. Installing rn also I found bios updates with USB device compatibility improved...
  3. I was gonna copy the data to a laptop and get it back to the disk after the format. Anyways I upgraded to v1903 like a week ago and forgot to check for driver updates... My bad
  4. I mean if I can shrink the volume from CMD because Disk Managment has this option greyed out and I don't want to lose the data I have. It was formatted on the computer. EDIT: I found that there is a chipset update. Trying to download it. It's stuck at 0B/s so I guess I'll wait till my internet decides to work.
  5. Another exFAT usb drive works fine on back USB3
  6. Also can I shrink the drive so I can transfer everything over because Windows Drive Manager doesn't let me. Maybe CMD will let me?
  7. Had the drive to transfer recordings from PS4 to PC and PS4 only supported exFAT and FAT32 I want to format it to NTFS but cant find a big enough drive for a backup
  8. Flash drive is 3-4MB/s HDD in front USB3 reaches 80-100MB/s when transfering files with the SSD Maybe they sold me USB2 when they said USB3 I don't know
  9. Only with this drive. I will change the filesystem from exFAT to NTFS and see if it makes a difference.
  10. The ports are not wrong. When connected to the USB3 ports a blue indicator lights up and when on the USB2 a green one so this is not a problem. It's a custom build from a shop I went and told them the parts I wanted because I didn't want to do anything wrong. I tested a USB3 flash drive and I get 3-4MB/s on copy on all ports. When I first plugged in the drive it didn't work on back USB3.
  11. Front USB3 works fine. Back USB2 works fine. Back USB3 has the issue.
  12. I have and external HDD plugged into the computer because the SSD isn't enough but the drive has a problem. When I plug it to the front ports of the PC the computer boots normally and the drive is usuable. When I plug it into the back ports the PC boots slowly to windows and when I open windows explorer the drive is there but without the usage bar under the name and when I try to open the drive or close windows explorer the PC freezes and I need to reset it. I have the latest chipset drivers. Is there any solution to this problem?