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  1. How can i confirm ive set this up properly? It says im using the right passcode and account and i filled in the form. Is that everything?
  2. I dont necessarily need instant access to it all. But i need access to alot of it. im a CGI designer and so im working on projects that are tens of GB in size and sometimes i might need assets from previous projects. My current thoughts on the setup are to have my NUC connected to an external drive and the cloud and only use it for cloud sync to a cloud provider that will give me 4TB storage, and also keep a backup on a portable drive twice a week. That way i have the redundancy of a NAS, the cloud and a portable drive. Might need to look into wiring CAT6 through the house to get decent access speeds to the NAS.
  3. I have 2 workstation PCs, a couple of laptops a NUC and a smart TV at home, A Workstation at my workplace and my mobile phone. I also have a 2 bay ReadyNAS and a google one account. What would be the ideal way to have all my files available on all devices (and synced) as well as having them backed up somewhere intermittently? My issue is that google drive only has 2TB storage space so im looking for more capacity with another cloud service. Ive only recently cleaned up the last 15 years worth of hard drives and now all my data is condensed and organised and id like to keep it that way so i think this could be a good way to do it. Would it be more beneficial to just set up the NAS as my personal cloud and just throw some huge drives in there in RAID1? That way i can access it across any device i have it set up on? Should all my home devices be accessing the NAS and then have the NUC always on and syncing the NAS to the cloud for remote access and folder sharing across mobile devices and devices not on my LAN? Do i forget the NAS altogether and use the NUC + a high capacity drive as a network share and cloud sync? Im a bit worried about having all my data on a single drive thats always on but im looking for the simplest and most secure way of keeping all my data in one place.
  4. A forum membership count doesn't really relate in any way to the number of people that might need a used tech marketplace because its so much broader in terms of market appeal. People being funny about buying used tech on ebay and craigslist doesn't equate to people being funny about buying used tech from a global community of tech savvy people through a site made by a company with one of the biggest tech followings online. The niche of having a specific used tech marketplace from a reputable and well known tech youtuber adds heaps of value especially with the level of professionalism and knowledge that the LMG team have when it comes to hardware. If People buy from craigslist they aren't that worried about where they buy their used tech. Like i say its just an idea to tackle waste and i cant see any route towards less waste other than reusing, "running them into the ground" and recycling.
  5. True but not everyone who wants to sell stuff would find it necessary to register on the forum. Theres no platform currently that i can see thats specifically a used tech marketplace.
  6. Im talking a proper marketplace like ebay or facebook marketplace. Habits don't need to change when you have 10 million people you can direct advertise a new platform to. The platform just needs to be there and be better than what is already out there if it is to address any of the waste issues we all face.
  7. After Linus' very heartfelt message on Youtube it got me thinking if there was anything that could be done to tackle the problems he highlighted around waste. The video itself was very relatable. I think anyone who has ever suffered a burnout or a career crisis can recognise themselves in that video. For me, the part about leukaemia really hit home. When i was 7 years old i had leukaemia and i also had a 'make-a-wish' granted. Id fallen in love with computers during my very long hospital stays where they had a windows 95 machine in the family area. So my make a wish was for a laptop computer which at the time (2001) was a pretty expensive old deal. I think it was a Samsung Q20 or X10 and it ran windows ME and it gave me years of entertainment. Playing the first Harry Potter game on a trackpad in a hospital bed was not easy!On the off chance that Linus is lurking on the forums, just know that make a wish really does make a difference to kids and whatever he did for the child and his family would have made more difference than you could imagine. It breaks the monotony of hospital stays. Kids growing up with cancer have to grow up and mature very very quickly and so respite from that situation which takes over your entire life and the lives of those around you, is absolutely vital. 20 years on i'm working as a full time CGI Artist and make a wish is directly responsible because i got into playing roller coaster tycoon on my laptop and eventually got into modding and then 3d modelling and now i have my degree in Visual effects and have been working in industry for the last 6 years. But the point about waste got me thinking about some sort of LMG online marketplace where tech could be resold. Built from the ground up to sell components scrapyard wars style but with more reliable product information and perhaps even pricing recommendations based on component market value. It could help recycle old tech as well as allow for a somewhat more trusted and informative experience than with ebay and other sites. Yeah there could be problems. But i'm sure there were a thousand reasons not to start the floatplane project in the first place too. Its not a perfect solution. But at least it could help tackle some waste problems and it'll make for a good new series of scrapyard wars if it took off. Plus they have 10 million viewers who are 100% the target market. I mean scrapyard wars is essentially fun to watch because of how difficult it is to find good used tech deals. So who better to create the solution? Just a thought. Thanks for the videos!
  8. This is very true. Theres only so many times you can use the excuse of accuracy vs speed because im sure theres a sweet spot that DXR could theoretically achieve.
  9. This is true, But it is NVidia saying that. The people who make GPUs. And that might be true at scale where youd need a $2m render farm or specialist nvidia nodes. But what about the small studios where we have a single server cabinet full of nodes or freelance users where we render locally. Theres likely a sweet spot where CPUs are more cost effective especially if that 64 core sku performs as expected. Id love to see that mpath data for the Quadro RTX 8000.
  10. Well the issue with alot of GPU renderers is they dont have the features because they havent got decades of CPU developed libraries to pull from. I guess this is a question that might never be answered given that both technologies are in constant development.
  11. Thanks, so looking at these, the 64 core 3990x should almost outperform the Titan RTX given the jump from 16 cores to 32 gave an almost linear improvement.
  12. Ive been wondering for a while now if anyone could provide an answer to this question and it would seem that this might be a great place to ask. With the development of these high core count CPUs from AMD and the possibility of that core count expanding a lot more with further development, are CPUs once again better value than GPUs for offline rendering in 3d rendering applications? For those that arent initiated into this side of the graphics industry GPU Renderers include VRay RT, Fstorm and Octane. Some CPU Renders include Vray, Corona and Renderman. Historically CPUs were used for rendering for any CGI that isnt gaming related. Over the last few years more GPU renderers have appeared and they are very very fast. Exponentially faster than most CPU renderers. CPU Renderers however have had decades of use and are pretty reliable and usually have a codebase thats strictly CPU reliant. An RTX 2080Ti might cost 1400 GBP and a Threadripper 2990WX costs about the same. But Does the trajectory of the CPU core count graph, overtake that of the cost of vRAM in the future? Is the development of infinity fabric going to accelerate CPU core counts a lot faster than GPU development can lower costs? It would be a really interesting video to see made but its a bit specific for LTT given that its pretty industry specific.