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  1. Have you made any changes to the graphics setting of fortnite? Maybe you can try few of the troubleshoots in this link. https://windowsreport.com/fix-games-crash-windows-10/
  2. Don't know if this counts but I just read on here someone asking if an HDD can be overclocked..
  3. I would go for the 2070 super and if you can, return the new cpu and motherboard and get original ones you had back. I have a similar build to your old one but with a 2070 Super and it runs great!
  4. Are you running any other programs while you are trying to run Fornite? Maybe like google chrome? background apps?
  5. Ahh yes this is what I was afraid of when I was first putting together my PC but thankfully I was able to use PCPARTPICKER to help me with compatibility issue. It lets you know if the parts you have on your list are compatible with each other. Sounds like I'm sponsoring them lol.
  6. Windows installs the default drivers already but it is recommended to go to the manufacturers website and download the drivers there. Main thing you need is the Audio , lan and chipset.
  7. I was just answering your questions. Follow this link to download your motherboard drivers. If you need to install drivers for your motherboard just go to the manufacturers website and lookup your motherboard to install the drivers. All I typed in google was "motherboard update drivers for msi b450" and it gave me this link. https://us.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-TOMAHAWK#down-driver Hope this helps! Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his life time.
  8. It was a lot of fun! Granted that I had YouTube to watch people do it first and then attempt it myself. The moment you press the power button to only find out that your machine doesn't turn on hurts. lol. Took me an hour to figure out that the switch on the PSU was set to off. Seriously, seeing the screen turn on and going to BIOS or Windows Installer Tool is the best feeling ever.
  9. If it's GeForce then you can google "Geforce Experience" and download that client and it will update your drivers to your GPU and constantly make updates when they are released.
  10. Yeah I agree with them on this one. "80+ Gold PSUs often have the best price/performance ratio."
  11. @Slayer3032 Thanks! I just recently got the ultrawide monitor and the 970 handles it ok. Ahh i have never delved into the realm of overclocking but I know my motherboard has 5-way optimization and it "overclock its" to 15%. Would you happen to know of a guide that can show me? Or would a quick search on google lead me to a reliable guide? Thanks for the recommended drives! I really like the Gammix, the aesthetic of looks awesome.
  12. Hi everyone, I have a decent build at the moment but recently I feel like I need to upgrade the GPU. I will post a picture of my current build and also list it. I have a set up with 970 SLI and I know the whole issue with SLI but I got the second card dirt cheap. Here is what I plan on upgrading soon (within 1 month or 2) with no order in what I am getting first. 1. Storage = Will be getting an M.2 1TB (on-top of the current 256GB ssd I also have a 1TB hdd for pics, music, etc) 2. RAM = Another set of 16GB (even though its overkill but I saw that borderlands 3 max req is 16gb) 3. GPU = Want to upgrade to a 2070 Super instead of going for the 2080 ti. (feel like anything above the 1000 series would be a major upgrade) Would you recommend anything else for my build? Maybe I'm picking the wrong parts for what I currently have? Should I wait to upgrade my GPU? I do not know if there are any new GPU's coming out soon? PC BUILD LIST: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k 4 GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Asus Z170-DELUXE ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Memory: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB (2x8) DDR4-3200 Memory GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB SSC ACX 2.0+ Video Card SLI Monitor: Dell AW3118DW 34.1" 3440x1440 120 Hz Monitor (Ultrawide) Thanks for your help!