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  1. Thanks for the reply. I meant to include this in my original post I'm editing it now. I'm transferring between two SSDs with read/write speeds of over 400MB/s, tested in CrystalDiskInfo.
  2. Hello, I've got an issue that has me stumped. I've recently set up my gigabit LAN and am getting significantly slower speeds than I'd expect. I have a desktop PC connected to a gigabit switch, connected to a laptop. All devices have gigabit ports, updated drivers, latest windows version etc. I'm transferring between two SSDs with read/write speeds of about 400MB/s. When I transfer a test file I generated in the command prompt I get a steady 110MB/s speed. Great. However, when I transfer a single large MPV, MK4, MOV etc. file I get about 30MB/s tops after the buffer is full. Steps taken so far: Large send offload IPv4 disabled. iperf3 showed speeds between desktop and laptop at about 800Mb/s, entered "netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled" into command prompt, disabled all antivirus and firewall settings, complete factory reset of my PC to see if I had any weird programs causing issues. If my test file wasn't working as intended I'd be less frustrated, but because it is I know there's no problems with any of my hardware and it's just something to do with windows. I've talked to Microsoft support but that was less than helpful. Anyone have any ideas what may be causing this?
  3. Ok so I have a 2 year warranty on this thing. Makes me a lot more comfortable, but I think I'll see about getting it repaired ASAP regardless. Really wish I had just done something dumb in software that could be fixed, I've never heard of changing settings messing up hardware. Either a huge coincidence, or setting my 144hz monitor to 120hz broke something. Cheers anyways
  4. I don't believe so. Bought it on Amazon in April so the return window has closed. I can check if there's any sort of warranty on the Acer website but I'd be surprised.
  5. Reddit failed me so here I am. This has me stumped. My Acer xf270hua makes a constant, very high pitched noise when I turn on my pc and doesn't go away, but if I turn the monitor off and on again it goes away instantly. Sometimes it comes back after my monitor being on for 12 hours, but once again turning it off and on fixes it. I don't think it's coil whine. My main Acer monitor will be referred to as monitor 1 and my second 1080p Asus monitor is monitor 2. Now for why I find it pretty weird. First of all, when I turn off monitor 1 nothing changes on my second display, but when I turn it back on monitor 2 quickly turns off and on, and all my windows appear on monitor 1 as though Windows very temporarily set monitor 1 as my main and only display. As far as I know, simply turning off the screen doesn't mess with display properties in windows? Second, this has only appeared recently after I changed the refresh rate of my monitors. I recently realised that because I'm running two 144hz monitors my graphics card never downlocked, which I was able to fix by running both my displays in windows at 120hz instead. I started to notice the really high pitched noise so I changed my main monitor back to 144hz which made the noise go away, so I figured I'd fixed it. However, it comes back every time I turn on my PC. My cards are both now running at 120hz since this allows my graphics card to run as low as 139MHz instead of a constant 1500MHz or so at idle. I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea what it could be causing this issue or how to fix it. It's not the end of the world since I can turn off and on my monitor every time I turn on my PC, but it's clearly indicative of something wrong and I'd rather not blow a capacitor or something, I really know nothing about monitors. For system specs I have the acer xf270hua as my main display, asus vg248qe as my second display. Both connected to a 1080ti. I'm on Windows 10. Please does anyone know if this could be anything software related? It only started happening the moment I changed my monitor refresh rate so I'm still hopeful I won't have to try to get it replaced.