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  1. hello gooday. i got a x58 evga classified motherboard years ago and it never worked so i hung it on the wall. today i wanted to test it out and somehow it posted fine.. but i removed the vrm heatsink a while ago so i dont have that anymore.(the one on the left of the cpu. the one neat the pcie is sitl present) i am planning on mounting a nh-d15 and overclocking the cpu. any tips to how i would replace the heatsinks? i got some vrm heatsinks from another motherboard but i dont have any good mounting points. thank you in advance ^^
  2. but.. that shouldn't be the problem... i ran this fine before. all that changed is a week a os reinstall and a nvme drive. i ran this game before on a hp z600 wich also uses 2 x58 cpu's but has less ram slots but never had a problem on that system (although no nvme was involved) anyways i tried to boot the old ssd but windows complained about a missing boot device. atm re-downloading the game since the microsoft store does not have a verify file feature like steam does..
  3. my nvme drive is a samsung 970 pro run on pcie 4x to nvme running at pcie gen 2 so a max of 2gbs a second for the drive
  4. this is a clean install of windows. because my rig does not boot from nvme naively i installed windows using vmware esxi and hardware forwarded the nvme drive to the vm.(this is done on the actual hw not another computer) after install i installed all the drivers on a clean reboot bare metal.. i have the original drive before the upgrade. the game was installed on the sata ssd before. for the lols i moved the game from the c drive to my 2tb seagate drive where it was housed before with the same problems i'll see if my original ssd stil boots to test it out real quickly again. some people are saying its a cpu bottleneck but like i've said.. this just started. also the benchmark tool in fh4 says my gpu is a bottleneck. my cpu "can" pull 140 fps in this game and all the frames are gpu limited
  5. here is the video showing the problem... sorry for the bad performance i havent fully setup OBS yet to have a steady fps. but you can use the audio and the fps counter in the top right to see the disaster starting
  6. hello. ever since i upgraded my os drive to a nvme drive and installed the game on said nvme drive. forza horizon 4 works fine for like 5 minutes but then i get a solid 2 minutes of 8 fps with 20% gpu usage. (average fps on maxed 1440p settings is between 70 and 90) then after this Performance dip it runs fine again for 2 to 4 minutes with the problem repeating again the terrain refuses to load and the game kicks you from online... during this moment i noticed in task manager my gpu usage goes to 30/40% and my cpu usage shoot to 100%.... i'm running the game on maxed settings with a rtx 2070 and that ran perfectly fine for hours on end before.... it should not make the cpu go to 100% since it legit ran fine on this exact same hardware before the nvme drive... any tips? atm uploading a video to youtube wich shows task manager and the problem happening with multiple car configurations. (it says it ll take like 50 min to upload) my full specs are xeon x5675 cpu in dual socket 56 gb of ram rtx 2070 (not overclocked i tested that too) this seems to be a forza specific problem since all the other games i've been benchmarking has had 0 problems.. red dead redemption 2 is also installed on said nvme drive and also maxed the settings and no problems whatsoever loading times are ok and no popping textures ect .. beamng drive wich is a more cpu heavy game wich "can" be hdd intensive on some levels also experienced no stability problems.. the gpu nor cpu is overheating after some monitoring i at first thought maybe i need to put my pcie to nvme adapter in another slot wich i did with no change.. thank you in advance for all your help.. again i'll attach the video after its uploaded
  7. hmm not specifically. my gpu for example the die is right underneath the heatsink. and it creeps to 65c quite fast. and everything above 60c causes it to slowly throttle the clockspeeds. plus more airflow across the board seems good for longevity of the x58 boards
  8. hello. i got a "problem" my fans run to slow.. i got a intel s5520hc motherboard with the latest 2018 bios wich adds a "pwm offset" setting wich i tried. with no results (i set it to 50 right now. the limit is 100) the cpus both do no got above c under 4 hour load (using 2 dark rock 4 heatsinks with liquid metal under cpu 0) the reason why i want the fans to go faster is to provide more airflow for my ssd/gpu/ram/chipset. (gpu gets a bit suffocated) plus the fact. the heatsinks get really hot. and barely any hot air comes out. so that might also cause thermal problems for other components that cant be measured my nvme ssd peaks at 75 to 85 c wich is waaay to high.. i added a small pwm noctua fan pointed towards it and the gpu but it also is running at idle speeds... i tried cutting the pwm cable on a fan before and yes this does ramp the fan up. it maxes the fan at 100% wich is just a slight bit too loud for some of my fans. (my case is a exposed open air rig so noise is a bit easier to hear) even if the fans spin about 20 to 30% faster than what they do now would fix some of the thermal problems nomatter WHAT i load on this rig. the fans dont go above idle (all the fans legit run on their lowest speed) thank you alot in advance for any tips. p.s yes. i'm willing to mod the bios. its nearly 0 risk for me as this board features a usb bios flashback incase of corruption also before yall ask. with "open air case" i do not mean cardboard box. i got a thermaltake level 10 case with the side door removed as this EATX board is too big to make the door close (and the heat would probs kill it even harder then)
  9. hello. after 2 days of pure pain i finally got my nvme drive booting into windows on my x58 rig. problem is when i checked some of my drive performances they all seem to be running in ide 100 mode. the only drive that performs normal is the nvme drive. for my hdd's the 150mb speed isnt "that much" of a problem but i have another 500 gb ssd in the rig for high drive demand programs and 150 is a little too low. Win-raid.com i used this guide to get it working. i used the bootable non UEFI motherboard method as my motherboard has a "broken UEFI (as far as i know it only runs linux in UEFI. windows installer freezes on copying files 0% or freezes on OS boot after install on another machine) my motherboard is a intel s5520hc with 2 xeon x5675 cpus and 58 gb ram.. i'm currently running the latest 2018 bios i also injected the nvme driver in a bios update but sadly that didnt work. blame that to the poor EFI stuff this thing runs on... normally i wouldnt be that bothered by it because my large demand drives transfer between 150 and 300 mb max (yeah idk the cache is magic on these drives) but the ssd doing 150 is too much of a bothering fact for me. 300mbs max on sata 2 is already sad because its slower than the drive can but 150 is a disgrace thank you alot in advance.
  10. actually it indeed was the darn psu.. i thought the board would not boot without the special *aux power* cable it has. but it does. .. not sure if that would also be the case if there is 2 cpus installed. did notice the cpu 2 fan header has no power on it (only have 1 8 pin connected)
  11. yeah i still have it.. i use the wires for projects. like adding pcie power to systems with none. quite handy since it legit has alot of connectors for everything. 4x8 pins on 2x8 strands of wires.. alot of sata and molex ect. sad that it died but yea
  12. hello. i've got a server board here and before i assembled a rig i tested and ran it. it worked ok. it is a nice dual socket s5520HC with a single xeon x5675 for now. i replaced the psu fan with a noctua. same 4 pin connector now for the life of me i cant get the system posting again after i put it together. now i took it apart again and connected it barebones. when i press the powerbutton the fans pulse once. then it wil be dead silent for 2 minutes and then it would beep its diagnostic codes. the problem. the codes are.. unknown? or atleast not clear. the beep code is as follows 1 5 1 — 3 — possible 4 instead of 1-3?? First 2 beeps are faster than the rest 4 according to intel there are 2 codes similiar to the ones it gives me and it is power related. but i'm not sure. if needed i can record a video real quick of it beeping i swapped the cpu real quick for another but it stil did the exact same thing pulled the bios battery but stil no dice after a reset... anyone got any tips? thanks in advance!
  13. turned out my monitor automatically "down clocked" itself to display port 1,1 instead of 1,2 when using the hd 5770. switching that over and 144hz mode showed up again aswel as the higher bit rate of color
  14. this the model incase ur wondering and the explody part. so far i reinstalled windows and the problems are gone. only one is intel gpu keeps dying.. just keep getting BSOD every 2 to 3 hours on random and the code is directly linked to intels igpu drivers (i run 1 screen of the igpu)
  15. hello. good day. i got a r9 270x and upgraded my radeon hd 5770 from it. opun digging around settings i cant seem to find where to change my refresh rate..? when i check "list all modes" in windows i only see 1440p 100hz listed. wich is the exact same as my hd 5770. and since the r9 would be roughly twice as fast as my old hd i'm pretty sure it should beable to push atleast 120 hz to the display (not talking about gaming. just desktop and other usage) my cpu is a intel xeon x5675 (only one atm. going to order a second and toss it into this "mac pro conversion rig" aswel as upgrade the ram from 38 to 96gb) the display is connected by display port. the display can also connect via hdmi if that would make a difference. my display is a samsung space monitor 27 inch with amd freesync support i got a gigabyte version of the card wich wil also be bios modded to go beyond stock performance as the temps dont rise above 60c under 6 hours of max load inside this mac case. (the one thing apple is good at is making alot of holes) maybe anyone know if it would be possible to bios mod the card to support 144hz if it doesnt support this stock? thank you in advance for your help!