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  1. If i knew it i wouldnt be here asking. And yes, i want the laptop to be 4gb ram, WHY not?
  2. Ramaxel is in my laptop and 'elpida' written on the chips. Other one is appearently hynix chips. ''They should work together if the timings are compatible'' Yes what i am asking is this.
  3. I am trying to make an old lenovo r500 laptop to be usefull at least for surfing the net which has a 2GB ram stick in it called Ramaxel 2GB 2rx8 pc3-8500s-777 HF. So i assume those 777 numbering is for its Cl value. The closest ram i can buy right now to pair with it is a Hynix 2GB 2rx8 pc3-8500s-7-10-F2. So can these two be paired without a problem or i need the exact same ram to go for?
  4. Its an aerocool slim case that comes with that psu for a total of 60 ish dollars. Location is Turkey. My options are now with my budget a) getting a silverstone st45sf 450 watt unit apart and downgrading the gpu to a like r7 240 for future upgrade b) postponing all of them to summer (because i really dont want to game on this card 4-6 months.. Thanks for the help.
  5. Not really but if i had another option right now i wouldnt be asking. Seems plans need to be postponed..
  6. ? Okay then, but if we assume the numbers are correct apart from typos and also lets take the 14 as 13 and say 156 watts. Would that be enough?
  7. Psu is coming with case so i had to dig a bit, its a no name psu called ''ddkpc300sfx'' Supposedly real 300W Psu..
  8. Thinking about getting this psu for a short period of time (4-6 months) until i save up for a quality one, would it cause any problems? Components; - Gigabyte B450M-S2H AM4 - 12nm Ryzen 1600 af - Corsair DDR4 vengeance 3000MHz CL16 2x8GB - Msi Gtx 1050 Ti 4gt Lp - Tp-Link TL-WN781ND PCI-E Wi-fi card - Sandisk 2.5" 240GB Sata 3 SSD - 3 Case fans ( 2x80 mm, 1x120mm) +mouse&keyboard Edit; A no name brand Psu and allegedly real 300 watt
  9. My brother plays a browser based game called darkorbit. The Pc is his personal Pc but im here writing because his English is not that great. According to him the screen sometimes unexpectedly goes black + the sound cuts out with a weird shady effect too after a few seconds and it stays like that, gotta restart the Pc manualy. Or comes back from black screen a bit later saying that the graphics card driver stopped responding and rescued. And sometimes just small hair lines appears and goes away, hes telling me. He says he plays CS:GO, Dirt Rally, World of tanks and theres no problem at all with those games but those things i tried to explain only happen when he plays Darkorbit. The temperatures are normal. Drivers are reinstalled and up to date. We have no clue why is this happening. Specs -Motherboard; An Old Hp oem Cupertino 2 -İ5-2400 -Sapphire Hd 7850 OC 2gb 8 gigs 1333 mhz ram -Gigabyte 550p 550 watt PSU -Windows 7 SP1 (6.1.7601.17514) 64bit
  10. Check the video please. Overall speed is not so concerning but why does that happen? Its a brand new usb 3.0 flash drive and the usb port is usb 3.0 as well. All the drivers are up to date. VID_20191004_221427 (convert-video-online.com).mp4
  11. I have the heatsink. While i was writing It ''doesnt touch heatsink' i knew you will think like this. And theres no paste there just the coppers color is faded at hat point.
  12. Seems theres only 1 sensor around the cpu area because im getting the same temperature from GPUz as i get from open hardware monitor cpu temps. All i think now is how does this heatsink below work since the chip on the left which you say is gpu left open without a cooler? (gpu doesnt touch heatsink)
  13. Thanks. Do they run cool since dell decided to leave them without heatsink? Can i switch to the redesigned one?
  14. What does the igpu chip do? I had a 3rd gen i7 laptop before this and it did just have 1 die. So i assumed the hd 4000 gpu it has is embedded to the cpu die therefore now thinking the extra chip i5 4310u has is something completely different. I am really confused.