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    Tan3l6 reacted to LogicalDrm in CPU Cooler Recommendations   
    Budget? Evo is quite old at this point, and had many better alternatives and even upgrades on CoolerMasters own line-up (Black Edition and RGB Edition). The budget cooler range has Arctic eSports series for example, but you might get better value with Scythe Fuma 2 for example.
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    Tan3l6 got a reaction from GoodBytes in Windows 10 Insider Topic   
    After rolling back to previous build I opted out from insider builds, so I haven't got the info. 
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    Tan3l6 reacted to RejZoR in best thermal compound   
    Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut or CoolerMaster Maker Nano. I've had Conductonaut and it's an absolute pain in the rear. It horribly stained my CPU IHS, my graphic card copper plate and results were not as impressive as I was expecting.
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    Tan3l6 got a reaction from Cpt. William in Looking for a 144hz monitor for around 250$   
    That's what I'd get - https://www.amazon.com/AOC-24G2-Frameless-Adjustable-Guarantee/dp/B07WVN6CWT
    Had one and somewhat regretting selling it. But I have a AOC Agon AG272FCX6 and it's mostly on par. Though I'm not really a methodical reviewer, just a user.
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    Tan3l6 reacted to Vunnie in Can't decide: 31,5' monitor 1440p vs 1080p   
    I have a 31.5 inch 1080p display. Yes, you can see pixels from a normal distance but it's not bothering me. Watching movies is no issue with this resolution, but text and especially small icons are very pixely.
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    Tan3l6 reacted to LogicalDrm in Google Authenticator trouble   
    The Auth codes... And flashing firmware or reset means that you would need to add all services again. So the proper way to do things is to remove 2FA before doing that. Or add another backup device.
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    Tan3l6 reacted to LogicalDrm in Google Authenticator trouble   
    Two things. Or maybe more.
    1) Is the app/site you are trying to log in show up in your Google Auth? If not, have you tried scrolling?
    2) Google Auth doesn't have backup. Except with backup codes. So on every new device you need to setup all your sites again. If you have changed device and didn't setup new before, then only way to get things going is to use recovery codes to log in, then setup G Auth again.
    3) If you have site/app showing in G Auth, try resyncing services.
    4) Every site needs its own auth code generator. I have 6 sites, two of them are Google accounts.
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    Tan3l6 got a reaction from Karones in One billion Android devices at risk of hacking   
    I use Xiaomi.
    You cant mug that's mugged already!
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    Tan3l6 got a reaction from Dominik W. in One billion Android devices at risk of hacking   
    I use Xiaomi.
    You cant mug that's mugged already!
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    Tan3l6 reacted to homeap5 in GTX 1070 Performing worse than my old 1050ti.   
    DDU at the end, first temperatures, underclocking and vsync. Why? Because it will help to diagnose problem better. You may use DDU anyway, but first check hardware. If nothing but drivers help - then problem was drivers. But if problem is overheating, you should fix it as soon as possible and then you may (or not) use DDU as a bonus.
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    Tan3l6 reacted to maartendc in I need help.   
    At this point cutting the power wont hurt, as you already seemingly interrupted the BIOS flash by turning the PC off and back on again.
    Just do what it says, download the recovery BIOS / recovery file (make sure it is the correct one for your motherboard model!), put that onto a USB drive, and boot with that inserted. See what happens.
    I don't think you can do anything else at this point, it will probably stay in this BIOS recovery mode until you do the above.
    good luck!
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    Tan3l6 got a reaction from VersuS in Help i want to build a pc and want to know if i have chosen the right parts   
    I'd take cheaper case and Ryzen 3600(X)
  13. Informative
    Tan3l6 reacted to ocanada_techguy1 in News - E3 2020 LA Cancelled :(   
    Unfortunately COVID-19 is impacting everything from production to politics to toilet-paper.
    This will certainly be a huge SHOVE for tele-conferencing, tele-presence, remote and teleworking 
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    Tan3l6 reacted to SolarNova in CRT w/ modern tech?   
    It would blow the pants of current LCDs for sure, however it would also be way more expensive to produce, and as such since manufactuers are now far more used ot the current large margins of LCD production, they would want to keep that margin and thus the end result would be a hugely expensive price tag for the customers.
    Also despite advances in efficiency, it would still be more power hungry than LCD, and again despite advance in miniaturization it would still be far more bulky than current displays.
    In the end the image produce would be far superior BUT everything else about it would not meet the requirements of 'looking' modern.
    The old king of CRTs, the FW900 is still today superior to the vast majority of LCD Monitors. Its primary drawbacks are its screen size, which while huge back in the day, is rather small by todays standard at 'just' 22".  In addition it lacks things like VRR. None the less a good example of a FW900 is considered superior to current LCDs for those that have experienced CRT displays, so a modern version would certainly trounce current LCDs.
    Its not going to happen though.
    EDIT: in regards to latency, there wouldn't be any. 'Effective' instant response. 'Effective' zero added input lag.
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    Tan3l6 got a reaction from Arrogath in Do i need to use RAM with heat-sinks for using after effects?   
    Stress tested DDR4 @ 1,4v and RAM sticks were barely warm. Under 40C.
    So, there is not much heat needed to be spread.
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    Tan3l6 reacted to Tristerin in Monitor RMA help! AOC 24G2 Vs G2590PX   
    I would not accept a TN panel over an IPS panel as a TN panel is much cheaper.  Now if they are offering a 144hz TN Panel replaced monitor vs a 60hz IPS one...I would do that.  Since I game on a TN, and the wife on a nice IPS right next to me...the colors don't even come close in comparison.  The IPS wins out each time.
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    Tan3l6 got a reaction from SlimyPython in One billion Android devices at risk of hacking   
    I use Xiaomi.
    You cant mug that's mugged already!
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    Tan3l6 reacted to Teletha in remove win app folder   
    oh my god that app is amazing 
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    Tan3l6 got a reaction from Ben17 in Is this a good monitor for a budget?   
    A review:
    It is the same monitor ( https://www.acer.com/ac/en/AU/content/model/UM.QV0SA.002 )
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    Tan3l6 got a reaction from Eschew in Say Something Nice About A Brand You Hate   
    Apples taste good
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    Tan3l6 reacted to itzluckman in How to open BIOS menu on asus h310-m motherboard   
    to get off CMOS battery i need to get off from the left side to push or idk what this thing on left side to get on the battery i need to push from right just to "drop it"
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    Tan3l6 reacted to Brass_01 in 3dmark new specs for benchmarks 2020   
    had to modify the pics my name was showing lol...
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    Tan3l6 reacted to Zoroz93 in How to open BIOS menu on asus h310-m motherboard   
    I can't promise it will be in the same place, but it will look exactly the same
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    Tan3l6 reacted to Zoroz93 in How to open BIOS menu on asus h310-m motherboard   
    Look at my post