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  1. Tan3l6

    Hertz difference

    Screen like that? That just means you should scroll down in the Resolution window to "PC", there are the correct frequencies available.
  2. After rolling back to previous build I opted out from insider builds, so I haven't got the info.
  3. Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ or LG UltraGear 27GL850-B
  4. I've got the Asus TUF VG279QM, not bad, but I as a casual player don't really see much difference with my previous display - https://eu.aoc.com/en/gaming-monitors/ag272fcx6 The image is much sharper when you follow something moving though. Really much better in that sense, but when looking just around it's not much different. It's a good monitor, but don't really know if it's better than 1440p 144Hz monitor, it's a matter of preference, so up to you. Reviews give much more detailed info.
  5. Well, seems that Rockstar services are disrupted, maybe? As I can't reach even support page. But I was able to set up Facebook 2FA with Google Authenticator. So all is good it seems.
  6. What codes showing? Erm, I've logged in to Rockstar with only this phone, though I flashed firmware and every setting was gone. But I guess I have to look for more clues myself.
  7. 1) Not showing up at all. Tried scrolling. 2) I've set up G Auth several times, still it only has Google 6-digit code. 3) How to resync services? .. never mind, i think did it and no change.
  8. Well, the Rockstar isn't a problem. The 2-step was enabled before and worked fine. I'm worried about the Google auth app not giving other more important codes.
  9. My Rockstar account was made 1 year ago, so no stoping half way... it all worked before I flashed my Android phone and cleared all apps and settings. Don't remember the qr code part, but it was an ordeal to set up the Rockstar account that I remember.
  10. I'm trying to test - is the app working. Trying to log in to rockstar - nothing happens after correct login. Nothing but a message: "... please enter the verification code from your Authenticator App." What's going on in the app - looping 6-digit code for enabling 2-step auth step for the app. Only shows Google, like in the picture: (Does not show Ubisoft, nor Rockstar, although I requested it)
  11. Nope. thats the code for "signing in to google account" with 2-step. Or if misunderstood - i'm past the 2-step for google account. I just want to know how to receive authenticator codes for anything else than Google.
  12. And? How about getting that code? What sends it is irrelevant at this point imo.
  13. How about trying to log in to Rockstar but after sign in button there's the: No code in my phones authenticator.
  14. But how about not being able to receive codes from sites thet sent them? Or maybe there's a good option to check if the app works correctly- some sites baybe to register or something?
  15. ' I know how 2-step authentication theoretically works, i'm just lost at setting it up. The app is showing 6-step codes. I'm logged in to my pc and phone, but auth app just thinks it has to give more codes for my Google account, sites thet require 2-step say that they've sent the code to my authenticator, but there's just that google account code over and over.
  16. Hi! How am I supposed to do in my Xiaomi Mi Max 2 to set up Google Authenticator. I've gotten so far that 2-step verification is done, but now the authenticator just keeps giving 6-digit codes for my gmail. I'm lost. Thanks in advance!
  17. The 24G2U has a bit worse viewing angles then average IPS, also it has 8-bit panel, yet 6bit+frc. Still I had one, and the colors are quite decent.
  18. Nope, nothing wrong, some cards have that pin shorter.
  19. Maybe try uninstalling display drivers with DDU - https://www.wagnardsoft.com/ And reinstalling the latest after that.
  20. Stress tested DDR4 @ 1,4v and RAM sticks were barely warm. Under 40C. So, there is not much heat needed to be spread.
  21. IObit unlocker usually helps, if you're sure it's justified to use force.