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    PC building, RGB, artworks, 3D-art and modelling
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    i7 8700k
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    G-skill TridentZ RGB 2x8gb 3200Mhz
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    ASUS ROG STRIX 1060 6G
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    Fractal Design Define R6
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    Be Quiet! Straight Power 11 750W
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    NZXT Kraken x62 AIO
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    Win10 Pro 64bit

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  1. I wish we had US prices, the windforce card here (that's supposed to be the budget option lmao) is around 590 euros. I don't mind paying ~50euros extra for the premium design and quality.
  2. If money's not an issue, get a TITAN RTX omegalul, that will give you the best experience. You can sell that or the 2080ti later just like the other cards, going by that mentality. The later ampere cards are coming in middle-late 2020, if you can wait with it, go for the 2070s or 2080s. Price/performance the 2070s is the winner of course, but as I said, that card (nor the 2080s) will not push 120hz on most games on 4k. From here, it's on you to make the final decision.
  3. Hello, I've been looking at the gigabyte aorus 2070s to buy, but all of a sudden, it went from 640 euros to 870, which is very not a right price for a 2070s?? I've also looked on the UK amazon, there it's only avalible after 2-3 months of dispatching or something. Is it just temporairly out of stock or what? Are they gonna come any later? For context, I'm in Hungary, here I can't find any shops that sell this card, and I've been looking on amazon . de, before this happened.
  4. The 2070s is actually 10%++ more better then the 5700XT in overall real world performance, and nvidia is always the winner when it comes to software, stability, streaming performance even, and so on. 2070s also supports real-time raytracing, whereas the amd option does not. His monitor is also clearly G-sync, so AMD is not even an option. For the poster, I'll say that, if you'd like to play AAA games on decent fps with a monstrocity of a monitor like the dell aw3418dw, you will need to get a 2080ti. The 2070s/2080/2080s will only push around 60-70 on that monitor, for AAA titles.
  5. Thanks for the correction, I actually was not too sure of that myself, that's why i decided to type "to get the most out of your cpu" instead of ther will me no use of X. I'm all intel, so I'm not that good with amd stuff. Yet. Also the aorus monitor is G-sync compatible, so you can use g-sync with that.
  6. Ok, so here are my toughts: I don't think you will be able to push 120hz with 1440p ultrawide, not even on 2080s, but not at all on 2070s. Well if you're going to play LoL and CS:GO, of course, but AAA games will not run that smooth there. I think, in fact, that even with a non-UW 1440p 27inch monitor, you won't be able to push 144hz with AAA games on any of these cards, but you will be getting around 90-110 so it's def worth to go with the high refresh monitor. And ofc, if you have a 144hz, you can enjoy your esports games at 144hz. On this I suggest you look up benchmarks, as there are benchmaks for every single configuration, so shearch benchmarks on your games with 2070s/2080s ultrawide/non ultrawide 1440p, and decide what the best option will be for you. The gigabyte monitor is the very best you can get, supported by many tech yters and articles you can find for "best 1440p 144hz monitor". That's becouse the premium quality of the AORUS lineup, and it's IPS/HDR400 I think at 144hz. so it's a nice option, if you can let ultrawide go. For the CPU cooler, I think that the AMD wraith you get with the 3600X by default will be good enough if you aren't planning to heavily overclock, BUT you WILL HAVE TO get an X570 chipset motherboard to run an X cpu. (with amd, you have for example 3600 cpu that is not unlocked, so not overclockable, that pairs with B450 mobos, but if you get unlocked - 3600X, you will habve to get X570 mobo to get the most out of the cpu - with intel, it's the same. non-K processors are unclockable, going with B-series mobos, and K series cpus go with Z-chipset mobos.) Your current PSU is definetly out-of-league with a system we'r gonna build u here, so I'd suggest getting a new one, at least 80+ Gold and like 650W / depending on if you will go with 3600/X / 2070s/2080s as the higher end ones draw more power. You really need a good psu, something at the 100 euro mark, for a mid-high(er) end system to be safe. Which motherboard you choose depends on two things, as there are two things to really consider. Choose what you like (visually), and if that does not matter to you, let go of that. If you have a favourite company that you would like to go with, for sync with rgb maybe, you should buy the GPU/MOBO from the same manufacturer. For example an ASUS ROG STRIX board with an ASUS ROG STRIX 2070s - these are expensive but thats my shit right there - or gigabyte aorus mobo and aorus gpu, and so on. The higher cost the mobo is, the better it will deliver at every side. But for your budget I'd definetly pick up something permium, but again, that's on you. I could name specific recommendations for good ones if you told me a total for sure budget.(Also, depending on how much you care about looks, you can pick up RGB-or non rgb ram) Also tell me your priorities, like, would you rather go 60 fps solid on AAA games but have an ultrawide monitor or would you have a really good 27" one with higher frames, why and so on. Do you care at all about your PC hardware's visuals, or only performance? Holy shit, I watch too many ltt videos, im literally a high schooler and i can talk about this stuff like a professional. Made me giggle when I contacted asus live chat support and I told them my problem and I knew better then they did anyways, Good luck
  7. it's not the same, the 2070s is better for gaming, by a pretty noteable amount actually.
  8. Oh man, you can build a really good pc for 1500 euros! If I were you, I'd base a build for that much around a ryzen 5 3600 cpu (or 3600X if you can spend some on a nice cooler too), an nVidia 2080 super, and 16 gigs of 3200+ ram. Get a good PSU becouse we know we don't cheap out on those, and some fast storage. An X570 board will be amazing, and the other components are probably based on your personal taste - also the types of gpu/ram you get is also your personal preference, I have no idea how much you care for visuals and/or if you like any rgb. With a system like this tho, you will want to get a beefyer monitor, becouse you can game on 1440p 144hz (for that I can recommend AORUS AD27QD, for premium quality and best performance, also it has rgb) or 4k 60hz with the 2080super for sure! It's gonna be great! If you're satisfied with 144hz 1080p gaming tho, you can make a build for under 1000 euros that will ~max that out.
  9. Software preferance. If the AMD card was a ridiculosly better option, something with same or better performance for less money, I'd go with it. But the amd card is worse for most games, and not so much cheaper - at least here, I'm from Hungary. Tech is expensive af here for no reason, and add a 27% VAT on that too. For what money I need to spend here on a 2070S, you guys in america could most likely get a 2080 - or 2080s
  10. No, I read the ones he has on his ltt forums profile. list is private
  11. Tell me a budget, I'll give you an idea. At this point I'd suggest you buy a full-on new pc, since the parts you have are not very highly upgradable, and are an old platform.
  12. I think you can make the RAM work with RGB fusion - so with mobo, the thermaltake RIING stuff is also rgb fusion sync-able IF you have the controller hub, but the msi gpu will probs need its own software, and Idk about the wraith. You should always plan ahead about software comp before building a system.
  13. mehh.. I won't go red with my GPU for the 5700 XT
  14. Well.. Based on his build, how out dated everything is, except for the upgraded VGA, how dirty the build is, I think I'm safe to assume that this person would have a lot of trouble with moving the whole PC into another case, and that's why he's being reluctant, since to fix his issue, this obviously is the best option. Also, he was smart enough to get a TUF gpu, which as far as I know, is known to be one of the worst designs when it comes to cooling. I also recommend in this case tho, to just buy a new case. There are really good ones, for like 50$, if you don't care for its looks even less. Good luck.
  15. Hello, I'm looking forward to upgrading my monitor and my GPU along with that, as I'm now running a fullHD 60hz monitor, and I would like to drop into 1440p and 144hz. I run a 1060 6gb rn which is more then fine for my 1080p60hz, with an i7 8700k and 16g-s of 3200mhz ram. I originally planned to make the upgrade at around january-february 2020, but now I'm seeing all these speculations'n sht, about next gen GPU-s, like 30xx rtx, or higher-end amd gpus, and I was wondering if it was a better choice to wait for another few months with the upgrade. As of right now, if I already had the money, (will save up till jan/feb) I would get the gigabyte aorus AD27QD, and an RTX 2070S. But the 2070S is not fully enough for every game on 1440p 144hz, and is very expensive. So what do you think? Should I wait till mid 2020-s, to maybe see cheaper and better GPU and/or even Monitor solutions? Thanks!