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  1. i had a pair of early 60gb Intel drives. Can't remember exactly what they were but they were good quality for their time. I upgraded them for capacity before they died but they did eventually die about 6 or 7 years after I bought them. My point is: capacity & price of new drives made them obsolete before they died.
  2. it is 100% OK to put games on RAID0. Worst case scenario you get an excuse to buy a box of beers on a weeknight and reinstall an operating system!
  3. CPUs perform mathematical problems. Some problems can be split up into workloads that can be run in parrallel and some cannot. Multicore CPUs are the answer to workloads that can be run in parrallel. I hope that helps.
  4. scrape the hardcore dust build up with a credit card/plastic
  5. SFF are really common in the ex-lease market. You need to head over to lenovo's website, get this model's manual, see what its expansion slots look like internally.
  6. 2009 CPU? I would not pay anything for that machine. I would offer to take it off their hands for free. Really they should be paying you.
  7. When I clicked on the headline I was thinking, i bet this is 100% about ray tracing in minecraft.
  8. before i could save up enough to buy these drives they had become obsolete
  9. I don't know why FOB loves his USD. You will find your local pb tech has competitive prices. We have no FTA with US but we do have FTAs with many Asian nations; the taxes and delays are not worth it when you can buy direct from asia. I only use amazon when I cannot find something in NZ, Australia, or Asia. In NZ you will find they are priced appropriately. Performance is proportional to price. What you really want to ask is Nvidia vs AMD.
  10. possibly. When I had a core2duo I used memory that was a higher frequency than my motherboard supported.
  11. I thought it was intel that first pulled the northbridge off the mother board
  12. does a 2004 Honda Fit count as a computer? Its got a built-in mp3-style player that stores CDs. Its all in japanese so I dont know much about it. GPS is also japanese so it shows me in the ocean. It also has a 7-speed gear box which is a lot of fun. It's quite zippy for a little car. I wouldnt buy one for myself. I have to get accupuncture on my calves everytime i drive it coz it doesnt "fit" my legs. A few years ago I got a AIO quad core i7. The CPU was really good ~3GHz. The hard drive though was a WD blue 2.5" drive. It was pretty snappy. I'd happily use, again, one of these laptop-style desktop i7s that they put in thinclient/NUC/AIO