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  1. Hi sorry are you looking to make a whole new build or are you just looking to upgrade if so could you put what you have already
  2. Thank you so much for commenting i understand that would work but only for the GPU. I am looking at running some programs that require more being changed then just the GPU. If I also just went the other way and made a newer GPU seem older i would have to turn it back just to run normal programs. I am more looking for a virtual machine where i can have my fake hardware BIOS and then my normal BIOS for normal computing.
  3. So I understand that its almost impossible and there really is no reason to do it, but i know that you can flash a fake BIOS on a GPU. Could you make a virtual BIOS and say you have older or weaker hardware? Im looking to make a virtual desktop on a pretty beefy computer that could emulate hardware to make program's believe that you have specific hardware. I know that the programs will crash but I would still like to try so if we can back step on all the shutdowns.
  4. Shoot even if I got it to boot I wouldn't be able to use it?
  5. All right well thanks for letting me know but with me being me and all ima still try it may be a lost cause but I might have fun screwing around.
  6. There really isn't a really great point I am just looking for a cool project to take up my time.
  7. I am looking to run the original Xbox os but I'm being hardware blocked. What Linux os would be best to run almost like a virtual machine.that I can preform a hardware fake.
  8. No more like running a fake BIOS saying it certain Hardware so special ok can run on it
  9. I am looking to run an os but it does a hardware scan and will not let me run it. But I am looking to do it on a virtual desktop for testing
  10. I am looking to start my build with Linux wold you have a recomdation for what one I should go with if wanting to modifying the BOIS