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  1. I kept thinking why is it doing this? so when switching the cables it made such a huge difference. No stutter nothing.
  2. seems it was my display port cable. Switched my mained monitor to a hdmi and it hasnt messed up once
  3. I could try using my hdmi cord and use a display port with my second monitor
  4. yeah no it's not overclocked. Parts are literally brand new. Makes me wonder if it's an GPU issue because the CPU hasn't had any problems. Seems other people have ran into this issue from the research I've done. It happens more often when I alt tab during a game it wants to lock up for a second and then render the application. It's been annoying. Before I did a clean install of windows I've gotten the blue screen crash a few times from just alt tabbing from apex to youtube.
  5. I did a complete install of windows again too see if it would fix the issue. I'm using the pervious one from the new driver. The new driver seems too cause even more issues.
  6. Ever since I got this GPU I've noticed nothing but problems. Screen locking up if I alt tab. Driver failing if I'm playing a game and alt tab too watch a youtube video. Blue screen crashes. Like are the drivers for this card that shit?
  7. Meaning like I had the option to install on drive 0 or 1 when doing it but it wasn't showing both on the bios
  8. Yeah I'm resetting the windows to install onto the ssd the only problem was the ssd wasn't showing as an option on the bios the first time just the HDD
  9. well it shows disk 0 and 1 and says 1 is unallocated
  10. no i dont think so from what I just pulled up
  11. wait not like this its picking up my hard drive and not my ssd just looked and noticed I installed windows on my hard drive and not my ssd when downloading it it asked me which drive 0 or 1 and i thought 0 was my hard drive fack me. but its not showing my ssd anywhere
  12. just bought it the other day for the whole build i made. it's a Seagate BarraCuda 1TB Internal Hard Drive HDD – 3.5 Inch SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache
  13. so why won't my hard drive be detected anywhere if its plugged in etc. some ports have to be disabled and idk which ones they are
  14. does anyone here actually read the original post? "I tried looking at the manual and I'm unsure which part would show it."
  15. they disable certain sata ports that cant be used. My SSD is already boot priority. Not to be rude but the statement you made just seems you didn't read the first sentence. "So I use a M2 ssd and i'm trying to "figure out which sata ports are disable"