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  1. I have a 32gb intel compute stick on 1809 and i can't update it to 1909 cause it will fail cause only 32gb of storage. I have questions. Would I be able to install a fresh 1909 copy to the 32gb emmc storage without problems? can I ignore the update and have nothing bad happen? also going to 32bit windows is not an option for me.
  2. I found a program called etherwake that works great for sending magic packets from my rpi: https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-send-wake-on-lan-wol-magic-packets.html
  3. it's a dell and it does support wake on lan edit: I used to use wol through team viewer but i switched to moonlight and i'm looking for a new way
  4. i don't know what the main camera was but i believe the second one was a logitech brio 4k
  5. im looking for an easy and reliable way to turn on another computer on my network remotely so I can access it with nvidia moonlight on my pi. any suggestions?
  6. I need a custom rom for a GT-S7560M as it currently runs android 4 it's basically unusable. also I'm not sure yet how to root and install twrp. edit: yes I googled it but most links are broken because it's an old phone
  7. I tried windows 10 64bit but still didn't work can anyone help
  8. I checked my bios and it says it's in dual Chanel but there are four sticks is that a problem?
  9. I tried all of those now including moving the ram to different slots nothings worked
  10. I tried 1 and 2, but they didn't work i'm waiting on the mdsched right now. I want to avoid moving memory sticks because it's in a custom case I designed and it's hard to get to the ram.
  11. I just upgraded from 2GB ddr2 to 8GB ddr2 but windows 7 64bit says only 2.75GB usable out of the 8GB. how to fix this? edit: the rest of the system is a core 2 duo at 1.8GHz, GT 1030, and mechanical hard drive